Proper Care of Elders and Children

Tips That Can Help You to Take Proper Care of Your Elders and Children

One of the saddest things about growing up is watching your parents getting older. As they age they are not quite young and that energetic as they used to be when we’re young people. As our parents raised us, raising your own kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. These are the two things for which you are least prepared. We have too hectic lifestyles that we do not have time for anybody else, even we don’t have for ourselves.

Proper Care of Elders and Childrens

Tips to Take Care of Your Elders

Our elders play an important role in shaping our lives. Our elders work very hard to give us the best upbringing. So it’s our responsibility that our parents live a stress free life. But taking care of your parents sometimes drain you mentally as well as physically due to the hustle of today’s life.

1 Try to spend more time with them. Manage your task and try to give them more time and attention. In this way, you will be able to listen to them. You can share your thoughts with them and it will give them immense pleasure. Time spent with family and grandchildren helps elders to stay connected. It is the best medicine so far.

2 Help your elder ones by staying active. You can take them for a walk or you can also appoint a physiotherapist. It will help them to stay physically and mentally fit. As with age, a lot of changes occur in our body. Techniques like meditation will manage their mood swings.

3 As we age our digestive system slows down. So we need to take care of the diet of our elders. Their diet should be rich in fibres ( Green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains). Make sure they drink a lot of water as it’s important for them to stay hydrated and active.

4 Take care of their regular medical checkups. As senior citizens are prone to catch disease due to low immunity issues. Health issues increase with age that’s why routine check up is necessary to keep a check on their health.

5 Keep in touch with them if they are not staying with you. Always check if they are taking their medication on time or not.

6 Try to involve them in your decision and listen to them carefully. They have more life experience than us and they can guide us better. Support them with their decisions, listen to get their point of view.

7 Whether your parents are staying away or staying with you, try to take safety measures at home. You can prevent many accidents by taking care of their safety. Your washroom tiles should not be slippery, lightening should be proper.

Tips to Take Care of Your Children

It’s very important to raise your children respectfully. Due to our busy schedule, we are usually unable to give them proper care. It’s better not to hire a caretaker, try to manage things on your own. So you can observe them closely and do needful accordingly. You can do the following things which will help you in the long run.

1 Always try to set a respectful example for your children. Try to teach them to respect your elders, friends and family. This tip is going to help them fit long run. You can shape them into a better person.

2 Don’t yell at them, try to be patient with them. Do not teach them such things because it’s going to affect their behaviour.

3 Good manners are a sign of well raised kids. Try to teach them to respect their elders. How to talk respectfully with them, How to be kind with everyone.

4 Teach them healthy eating habits and keep them away from junk food. You can let them have junk once in a week.

5 Discipline your children, try to make a fixed plan for them. For example you can schedule their bed time and meal time. It will help your kids to stay in discipline.

6 Try to spend more time with your kids. As more time you spend with your kids the stronger the bond and more you’ll learn. Play meaningful fyl games with your children so they can learn and enjoy at the same time. You can try family games at home. That would help your children learn to work together instead of against each other.

7 Keep your children away from gadgets as much as possible. Its challenge for today’s parents. Technology has transformed our lives in such a way that we are addicted to gadgets. So it is necessary to teach your kids how much to rely on technology. Limit their screen time. Screen time means the amount of time a person spends on looking at the screen of computers, smartphones and tablets. You can introduce screen screen times to your kids after one year of age. You should always keep an eye on what they are watching. Limiting screen time is very important as too much use of gudgers can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle eventually leads to laziness and obesity. It also affects the survey sight, sleep pattern and behaviour. Encourage them for outdoor activities.

8 Identify your child’s special talents. The best way to discover their skills is by exposing them to various opportunities. You can help them in identifying the hidden skills and how to be smart with it.

9 Make time to join them in some physical activities. You can try a sport or dancing as it is beneficial for both of you. In this way you can spend time with them also it will help you to boost your mood.


It’s not that easy to take care of your elders and children but you can try these tips to manage things. Do not pressurize yourself, time management is everything.

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