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Today being 18 January, 2022we at 247healthblog is providing an opportunity to our readers, bloggers, healthcare professionals to voluntarily share their expertise and interests with our community and help others, at the same time promote themselves FREE.  We are looking for experts and enthusiasts in healthcare such as fitness, weight loss, diet, diabetes, cancer, sexual health, skin care, and dental to write for us.  Simply write and submit a guest post, and have it published in the blog.


We aim at having quality and up to date contents that will benefit our readers; also promote you as an expert in the area FREE.

  1. You can put maximum one link in your bio which will be promoted anytime you post.
  2. Your article must be a minimum of 500 words and should not be posted elsewhere, not even your blog, this is to avoid duplication of articles which can lead to search engine penalizing both parties.
  3.  It must not be an advert, and should be an informative and educative article.
  4. You’re allowed to put maximum of two links in your article (dofollow),  the link(s) can point to your profile, site, or any relevant page on the internet, etc. In addition, you’re free to make multiple internal links to your previous posts on And PLEASE make them natural in the content.
  5. If you show a statistic or a study in your piece, please include a link to that source.
  6. Put in your article a picture that relates to your topic (not compulsory), but necessary; you can also add video – just copy the link from youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion, then our system will pick it up.

What’s next?

Email your article in a word document (.doc, .docx) with your author bio to Articles are published within 48 hours, in most cases in the next hour the article is received (Monday to Friday). Once your guest post is published you will get an email from us with a link to your published article, please check your spam folder if you don’t get our email.  Most importantly, when you view the site the guest post will be there, for the public reading.

Please don’t write to us with question, “I/we want to know If you still accepting free guest post”. still accepts guest posts today being 18 January, 2022. Just follow above guidelines to start writing your guest posts today FREE; healthcare guest writers are 100% accepted PLEASE.