The 4 best ways to detox your body naturally

How you can assist your body’s natural detoxification process without spending a single cent.

Our diets, cosmetic products and even the air we breathe can place unhealthy toxins in our bodies. You don’t need to spend money on products to help your body get rid of these toxic chemicals. The truth is that our bodies do a relatively good job of detoxing themselves. Sometimes, there are more unhealthy chemicals that enter into the body than what it can get rid of. Here are a few ways that you can support your body’s natural detoxification process.

1) Eat foods that are high in fiber

Fiber is the part of plant foods that your body cannot break down into usable nutrients. This makes it extremely beneficial because it adds bulk to your bowel movements. The digestive system separates nutrients from food and needs to eliminate the chemicals from food that are not good for the body. It does this by attaching them to fiber. If you don’t eat enough fiber, these toxins can sit around in your gut and wreak havoc because they are not being eliminated. Eating enough fiber is a great way to help your body rid itself of toxins that come from food. The high antioxidant value of plant foods also help to detox the rest of your body on a cellular level.

2) Drink enough water

Some toxins are released through the gut in the form of a bowel movement. Others are taken out of the bloodstream via the kidneys and liver to be flushed out with urination. This helps the body to get rid of water-soluble toxins. Bad chemicals that we eat or inhale are not the only things that need to be eliminated. There are also by-products of chemical processes that happen in the body that need to be removed after they have done what they need to do. This is why the color of your urine will change according to the amount of water you drink. The amount of water you drink also affects its smell. Pee from a dehydrated person smells much stronger (and is much darker) because of the higher concentration of toxins that the body needs to eliminate with little water. Drinking a glass of water before a meal is also one of my favorite ways to reduce fat.

By drinking more water, you give your body what it needs to flush out more of these chemicals and your bloodstream becomes cleaner. Since fewer toxins need to be eliminated, urine becomes clear and has less of a smell in people who are well hydrated. This is why I included drinking water in the best ways to stay healthy while at work.

3) Sweat it out

We have already covered how you can help your body to eliminate toxins in your gut and in your blood stream. There are other kinds of toxins that also need to be removed: Fat soluble toxins. These toxins are often stored in fat cells near the surface of the skin and your body uses sweat to get rid of them. If you don’t sweat enough, these toxins can build up. Since sweating has a detoxing effect on the body, it is said that you can lighten the load of your liver by up to 30% by sweating out nasty chemicals that it has to deal with. This is also why many people report having a youthful glow after sitting in the sauna or steam room for some time.

Remember to drink enough water when you sweat because 99% of sweat is water and you can become dehydrated if you don’t replace it. Hot baths or showers have a detoxing a relaxing effect. This is great when you need to relax or fall asleep, but can be too relaxing before work. Ending your sweat session with a cold shower will help to keep you invigorated.

4) Exercise

It always seems like the list of benefits to exercise are endless. On top of its many other benefits, exercise allows the body to detox in a way that is unique to the above three methods. Fiber cleans the gut, water cleans the blood stream and sweating cleans out fat-soluble toxins. Exercise, on the other hand, is very effective at cleaning out toxins that are buried deep within body tissue. It helps to clean out the muscles, important organs like the brain and lungs, skin and circulatory system. It does this by forcing the body to increase its energy output and get rid of the things that are slowing you down. This is why some people notice that their urine is a lot darker after a heavy exercise session: exercise has penetrated body tissue to release the toxins that are buried within them. Learn more about low intensity exercise is great for you in other ways too.

By eating enough raw plant food, drinking enough water, sweating and exercise regularly, you can make sure that your body has everything it needs to clean itself out and functions at its best.

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