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What is The Best Brand of Dental Floss?

Flossing is one of the least used oral hygiene elements in many countries, which results in a great lack of knowledge about it, which can be presented in different formats, adapted to the needs of each particular patient.

Flossing helps fight tartar and prevents bacterial plaque from reaching places where the toothbrush cannot act, which means that it is an ideal complement to maintain proper oral hygiene. Therefore, the use of dental floss is one of the most common recommendations of the dental medical community and everyone agrees to point to dental floss as an essential element in the care of our teeth and gums.

Its use is especially recommended in adult patients suffering from periodontal disease, since their gums ‘shrink’ or retract, creating a larger space than usual in which food debris that produces bacterial proliferation can accumulate, increasing the severity of Periodontitis itself, or the appearance of other pathologies such as tooth decay.

What is the best dental floss type?

There are two types of dental floss. One of them is made of nylon multifilaments, the other of a single PTFE filament. In addition to these two types, we find dental floss on the market that includes wax or fluoride. Dental clinic suggests that flossing is often worse for people with very tight teeth because it frays. Floss monofilament is more expensive works better in smaller spaces. Both types of dental floss are good, you should try them to see which one is best for you and your teeth.

What is the difference between floss and dental tape?

In most cases, the use of thread or tape, whose difference is like that of spaghetti and a noodle (a very similar shape, being the flat ribbon and the rounded thread), is indifferent, and responds more to personal tastes than a real difference in effectiveness or indications, so that either can be used interchangeably.

Few popular and great brands of dental floss:

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus:

What is dental floss with wax for?

Dental floss is an oral hygiene element that allows us to remove food scraps in the interdental spaces, and in some cases, it is sold covered with ‘wax’, so that its use is more comfortable and intuitive for the patient.

Again, the choice of dental floss impregnated or not with wax is again a personal decision, without any difference unless, in some cases, the silk has flavorings that can make its use more pleasant.

Listerine Dental floss:

So what dental floss should I choose to take care of my smile?

The most convenient is to use a dental floss of the highest quality i.e. Listerine: the difference between low-cost and other products of greater resistance is, fundamentally, that the best quality remains intact without fraying, guaranteeing adequate protection of the gums.

In the case of using low-quality yarn, we can find small gum lesions that, in the long term, will harm us considerably, so it is necessary to go to this brand that offers us a guarantee on the resulting product after consulting the best dentist near me.

Xylitol soft floss by Radius:

How can I floss if I wear orthodontics or have dental bridges?

If the patient is wearing orthodontics or fixed dentures in a dental clinic, cleaning is more difficult than usual, so we must choose a dental floss that facilitates the task:

With a threader in this floss, similar to a ‘needle’ allows us to insert it below the bridge or arc that activates the brackets.

Dr. Tung’s smart floss:

With a ‘spongy’ area, thicker than the usual thread, to safely remove debris in large areas. It also comes with with a conventional thread zone to ensure a comfortable withdrawal at conventional dental contact points.

To do this, we must resort to the only thread that meets all these requirements: Superfloss, dental floss with a threader and ‘sponge’ that helps maintain impeccable hygiene in any circumstance.

So these are some renowned dental floss brands which can give you great result as well as clean mouth having no residue inside it. You can use them according to your need and budget. All of them come along with an affordable price and in a great deal. Dental floss will help you in maintaining extra hygiene and care of your daily dental habits.

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