The History of Food Makers

Food mill are an ingenious device to have in the kitchen. Its main function is making meal preparation much easier and faster for the cook or chef. The food mill is geared up with several settings to knead, shred, grind, slice, slice, mix, mix, shave and crush various types of foods. 

On the other hand blenders, hand mixers, mini choppers, stick mixers and stand mix along with numerous kinds of knives have actually been doing the job for years. Some of these applications need some sort of liquid to get the job done. Others are controlled by sheer muscle and commitment of the preparer. All of these products are fantastic alternatives to the food mill with the exception of simpleness and time management. It takes much longer to do the job utilizing a knife or mixer than it does a food mill. 

The food processor was developed by a French catering company salesperson in 1960. Pierre Verdon called his invention the Robot-Coupe. By 1971 this device was renamed the Le Magi-Max. In 1973 Pierre Verdon fulfilled an American creator; Carl Sonthemier who fine-tuned the construction, design and appearance of Pierre’s initial food processor. The improvements were amazing and they consented to produce a new name for this device that would prepare food in a fraction of the time manual preparation would take. This brand-new food mill debuted in 1973 and was lastly named the Cuisinart. 

Today there are several variations of this particular device on the market. Some are of an easy design where a single bowl with a flat blade spins to do the cutting, slicing and slicing. Many designs come with a variety of attachments. Each attachment assists process different food types. Others have a tube at the top with a safety guard for longer and firmer vegetables. It permits the preparer to aid the food down into the chamber where the blades spin to do the work in seconds. 

Smoothies are prepared in food processors now for a quicker method to shave ice into a slush integrated with fruit and milk or yogurts so that this beverage brings out a smooth and velvety texture. Many cakes and breads made from bananas and zucchini are prepared in little or no time when a food mill is utilized in the pre-baking procedure. These vegetables and fruits can be sliced, diced, chopped, crushed and melted in just minutes. The time saved prevents fruits and vegetables from too much air direct exposure which would trigger them to turn brown before blended into casseroles, cakes, pies, tarts or main dish entrees. 

Numerous producers and business have developed their own style of food mill for consumers to buy. Every one is a little different from the next. For that reason, permitting their consumers a choice relying on their cooking needs. Some are big, heavy, and created for expert chefs and restaurants. Others are made from lighter products for ease in lifting, maneuvering, and cleaning. Whichever device one selects the bottom line is it will save time preparing foods, desserts, and beverages. The time saved will get you out of the kitchen earlier and can also be used to begin preparing the next product on the menu; or give parents more time to show their families.

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