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How to Treat Alcohol Addiction Naturally?

Many people believe that having a strong will power will make you refrain from alcohol, but a powerful will power alone doesn’t help much. Once you get addicted to alcohol, you see the world clearly and the world becomes blur when you are sober. A drunk human thinks that he/she is right and the whole world is wrong.

But one day a time comes when the alcoholic thinks that enough is enough.You get tired for daily blacking out, the hangover in the morning, not remembering anything that happened last evening. Disappointing the family & friends repeatedly. You want to quit, this is the first step towards recovery.

Experts suggest to avoid high risk situations, communication should be effective, recognizing triggers, build a supportive network, exercising and enjoy healthy fun activities, this can lead to stop alcohol drinking.

You get tired for daily blacking out, the hangover in the morning, not remembering anything that happened last evening. Disappointing the family & friends repeatedly. You want to quit, this is the first step towards recovery.

Actually it is brain disorder, it brings many changes in your brain, which makes it hard to quit. There are many herbal remedies available that can make you leave alcohol permanently. If you don’t take a treatment for alcoholism   You might get prone to certain difficulties in your body, which are:

What Are the Complications?

  • Cirrhosis (scarring your liver)
  • Gastritis (inflammation in the lining of stomach)
  • Alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation in the liver)
  • High blood pressure
  • Bone loss
  • Pancreatitis
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx, and liver.

Leaving alcohol all of a sudden can lead to increased incidences of some cancers, including:

Begin the process after taking tips from your doctor. He/she can advice you perfectly.

Nutrition Tips

  • Don’t make any changes all of a sudden, better make them gradually. Your digestive system will find more compliance with your new nutrients.
  • Eat the healthy meals and snacks regularly, for the whole day.
  • Better be alert while choosing your foods, which have less fat and have enough amount of lean proteins that are required by the body. The foods that have enough proteins are walnuts, peanut butter, lentil, beans, cottage cheese, green peas, almonds, eggs etc.
  • Eat fresh seasonal fruits and veggies to get the required amount of proteins, minerals, fiber and vitamins. Bananas are great for removing hangovers because it has the potassium and is a fruit that helps in enhancing the level of serotonin and dopamine naturally. These two vital neurotransmitters help in reducing stress and depression that comes during the recovery periods.
  • Alcohol in fact gets converted into sugar when it reaches inside the body, when you quit drinking, the body craves for some sugar. Ignore processed and carbohydrates, but better go for whole grains. Better choose whole grain bread because it has complex carbohydrates, which metabolizes at a very sluggish pace, thus killing the urge to have sugar.
  • Water is another vital and nutritious thing that the whole body requires to function normally. Besides its multiple health benefits it reduces the alcohol cravings. Mineral and vitamin supplements are helpful during and after recovery, like B-complex, zinc, vitamins A and C.

Behavior Change:

  • A modification needs to be done as the alcoholics never stop drinking unless all the alcohol is finished. You require an expert that makes you learn the skills that simply say no to alcohol. People might try to miss-guide you, but the expert should make you so firm that you never slip and start drinking again. You can return to some environments that enhance the urge to drink, but it’s the faith of that expert that should not be broken, like people say ‘promises are made to be broken.’ But never give up, very soon you will begin enjoying the world in a better way for a longer time.


  • The doctor you go for help to quit alcohol may give you one on one or group counseling. Basically group counseling is far better than one on one counseling, especially if it is regarding booze. A group discussion will make you join the people who are also giving up boozing. You have a word with them and they encourage you to leave it.

Avoid risky situations:-

  • Throw away the alcohol that is kept in your house and don’t let anyone drink at home. Avoid going to parties that serve alcohol, turn down such invitations giving one excuse or another. It will make you garner the courage to say no to drinks even if everybody around you is drinking alcohol laced drinks. Stop parking near the bars, not for the slightest moment. Avoid the company of your drinking buddies during the time of recovery, you might make them angry, but for a short while, when you tell them the benefits of non-drinkers, some of them might decide to quit alcoholism. Suggest some healthy physical activities, that will enhance your muscle mass and you get stronger with a great stamina.

Build Support Networks:-

  • Always be surrounded by people who has a positive influence on you and those who keep encouraging you for all your deeds. Without the support of such people it gets difficult to make changes in your life style, especially when you have quit drinking and remain sober for a long time. Such a healthy network is necessary during the early times of recovery. Join some groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and keep meeting the person who encouraged you initially to quit booze. This way you can possibly remain sober for a longer time.

Exercise Regularly:

  • If you get involved in a physical activity, its better, because it stops you from self-destruction and keeps your body toned up & healthy. Regular exercise will stimulate the same circuits that your brain stimulated during your addictive days. Eat nutritious foods that help you when you are exercising, begin a little slowly and gradually keep increasing. Very soon you will love doing the exercise and get habitual. Better pay attention that you do cardiovascular exercise and strength training.


  • If you choose the above mention natural methods and herbal remedies you can quit alcohol addiction. If you require some Ayurvedic treatment of alcohol addiction, you can get in touch with us by clicking We will be glad to serve you.

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