How to Reduce High Urea Levels in Blood?


All humans have urea content in their blood, but when its quantity increases, you immediately realize that some part of your body is not functioning properly and is unable to throw that excessive urea out. The urea gets created in the liver, which is sent to different body parts, when it reaches the kidneys, it filters urea and flush out as the urine. But when it doesn’t get the proper filtration, its  gets congested and it mixes with blood and creates problem for many other parts by hindering its proper circulation.

This may lead to situations like renal artery embolism, lose motions, vomiting, burn injury, heart failure or a dangerous one, diabetes. The kidney gets damaged and you feel frequent thirst, headache, dizzy spells, accelerated pulse, fluid retention, and pain in the abdomen and restlessness in legs. Today we are going to discuss the home remedies that are done to reduce the urea level to normal level.

What are the symptoms of increased Urea?

  • It’s symptoms are like bones begin to pain, frequent urination, joint pain, back pain, muscles begin cramping more frequently, fatigue, trouble in getting a sound sleep, restless legs, lack of appetite, the urine gets discolored (bloody dark or foamy), itchiness and swelling.

What is the Ayurvedic treatment for reducing Urea level?

  • Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical helpline does know what to eat if the urea level has risen.
  • Ayurvedic remedies depends upon the extracts of various medicinal plants.
  • All these remedies are completely natural.
  • There are many medicines that are available at many stores, but better opt for some renowned one.
  • It will certainly bring down the urea level of the blood to normal, thus making the kidneys function normally.


  • This name is the combination of 2 words -Punar and Nava. While Punar means again and Nava means new and both when get together, helps to rejuvenate the organ.
  • This herb flushes out the excessive fluids from the kidneys after removing the swelling. Basically this herb is a kind of a hogweed from parsley family.


  • It works as a common caper that breaks all the stones present in renal region and heals the whole urinary tract infection. It removes all the hurdles that are obstructing and are present in the urinary tract. It finally flushes out the excessive fluids after reducing inflammation.


  • Basically it is a herbal tonic which acts as a diuretic. It helps in swelling and inflammation.  

How can urea level be brought down?

Do Yoga:

  • The whole world is moving at a hectic pace, nobody has the time these days due to the competition. But one fine day you are bound to break down, when & where, nobody knows, but someday you have to bend your knees and ask for a remedy.
  • You will be emotionally lost, feeling physical trauma and daily routine will look scary. But do not worry. Yoga has the answer to all your queries.
  • Yoga achieves goodness through some physical and mental movements.
  • The physical movements consist of several postures known as Asans, which can keep the body fit & fine.
  • These postures are completed through breathing & disciplining the mind.
  • Yoga is an aid to a better life. No matter you are from the ‘East or West, Yoga is simply the best’.

Dietary Treatment:

  • Your diet can prevent urea level from achieving great heights. Eat a diet that is rich in fiber. A study was conducted and it was found that fiber intake reduced the urea level significantly.

It can be found in various foods like

  • legumes
  • fruits
  • vegetables

Cut back on vigorous exercise

  • Exercising is a nice thing, but intense exercising is bad. The muscle metabolism produces Creatinine and over using the muscles surges the urea level up. Better to consult your doctor to do what kind of exercise, so that you remain fit & fine. Instead of jogging, do the walking; begin Yoga instead of weight lifting.

Reduce your protein intake

  • Research shows us that eating excessive protein urges urea level to reach heights, but temporarily. Eating cooked meat enhances the urea level People eating non vegetarian diets and dairy products increased their urea level. Try switching to vegetarian diets if you want to control your urea level. Instead of chicken burger try having a vegetable patty, vegetable stew or lentil soup. Even these keep the urea level in control.

Try Chitosan

  • Chitosan has a number of benefits; it is used in agriculture to ward off the fungus. Mostly it is used in weight reduction or to reduce cholesterol level. But a recent study has suggested that it brings down the level of urea in the blood. It is especially recommended to the people who have had a renal failure. But better consult your doctor before proceeding on how to eat and in what dose.


  • An unsuitable increase in the activation of some organs of the body elevates the blood urea level. It is often seen in a heart attack.
  • Coristol increases the protein break down and it also surges blood urea up.
  • Avoid getting stressed and do some exercise or yoga to keep the stress at bay.

All these homely methods have been successful in bringing down the urea level to a great extent. History shows it. If the urea level stays up, it can hurt the kidneys whose dialysis costs you quite a sum. You ought to be careful about kidneys health. If kidneys are not treated right, it fails to perform normal, giving invitation to many infection coming and striking your body. You never get a 2nd  chance if kidney fails, it can be fatal. You don’t want to have fun in this world in a healthy way. Try these home remedies to get out of such a situation.  

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