Teenage Acne or Pimples

How to Cure Teenage Pimples without Scarring of Face?


Teenager already has mood swings, outbursts of anger or unexpected enthusiasm, a difficult mental life and relationships with the world, and then there is also a problem with the face. Pimples, redness, blackheads and oily sheen appear. How can you deal with temporary problems so that they don’t become permanent?

What is a Pimples?

Most of us consider Acne, blackheads, Whiteheads as Pimples. But it is not a correct definition of Pimples. Pimples develop when oil glands, become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red gash filled with pus. It is just one of the symptoms of acne.

How Do Pimples Affect Teenagers?

First of all, we need to know what are the problems that a teenager face while going through transition into adolescent period.

Pimple is a common problem typically around the age of Puberty and Young age. It affects almost every teenage. Pimples can be painful, itchy and it can root psychological stress in the mind of teenager. It can also lead to damage of self-esteem of teenager.

At the age of 11-15 years, the adolescent’s body expects many significant changes associated with the period of growing up (puberty). One of the unpleasant indication of this period is the appearance of pimples, oily sheen of the skin, black dots, quickly staining hair.

Pimple is not a health risk, however severe pimple can cause everlasting scars. The skin of even the tidiest teenager is inhabited by countless bacteria, fungi and other representatives of the microcosm. Some of them do not in any way affect the appearance and health of a person, while others even benefit, killing harmful microbes. However, harmful germs can build up in the sebaceous glands and leads to inflammation, causing pimples, and other types of rashes.

The main reason of pimple is Stimulation of Hormones. Pimples are caused due to hormones called androgens that play an important role. Androgens hormone rise in both boys and girls during adolescence. These hormones make the oil glands of skin larger and make additional sebum. It can also amplify because of hormonal changes concerned pregnancy or onset or offset birth control pills.

In most cases of teen pimple, the condition refine and is well cured before the adolescent becomes an adult.

Pimple and Teenager Boy

The main sinner when it comes to pimple problem in boys is testosterone. The quantity of testosterone in our body increases during adolescence period, particularly in boys.

The amplification of testosterone that boys experience can stimulate pimple problem because it makes oil glands larger. During Puberty boys produce more oily substance that is known as Sebum. And this Sebum often pass out of the oily glands from our pores to the skin surface so that this sebum can protect our skin.

Although, when a boy is producing a lot of sebum, the pores of the skin become blocked. The oil that protects our skin gets trapped inside, where bacteria grow and can cause pimple.

Pimple and Teenager Girls

Teenager girls experience pimple problem that mainly linked to their menstrual cycle. External Pimple triggers comprises Cosmetics and heavy face cream, greasy hair ointment, hair oils–these all can increase blockage of oil glands.

Factors Responsible for Pimples Other than Age

There are additional factors that can worsen the situation. The number of pimple usually increases several times if:

  • There are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • There is a lack of amino and fatty acids
  • Unhealthy food intake
  • Stress (everyday problems, conflicts)
  • Weakened immunity
  • Incorrectly selected cosmetics
  • The person squeezes out pimples on his own: an infection enters the open wounds, an inflammatory process occurs, it provokes the appearance of new and new pimples
  • The person is taking medication for a long time

Although teenage pimples are not life-threatening, it can be a problem for teenagers. Such an ordinary illness can negatively affect the later life of young people: psychological discomfort from “imperfect appearance” can cause low self-esteem, social alienation and isolation.

How can Teenager Deal with Pimples?

Skin care is a daily ritual, all the steps of which must be learned, not to be confused or skipped. There are various steps which you can take to prevent pimple or clogging of pores

  • Do not touch! The main rule of skin care in adolescence is in no case to squeeze out pimples on the skin on your own. This will only worsen condition. Avoid popping of pimples as it leads to scarring of face which might remain permanent.
  • Nutrition plays a key role in skin health. Through it, the body removes unnecessary and harmful substances, so how the face will look directly depends on the quality and composition of food. Here are some rules to follow:
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1. Less Sweets

If you have skin problems, the first step is to limit the use of sweets: chocolate, cookies, cakes and other confectionery joys. Sweets contain, in addition to flavor enhancers and preservatives, it promotes inflammation and create conditions for pimples and blackheads. Let fruits and berries take the place of the usual sweets in the diet. But moderation is also required here, since fruits and berries also contain fast carbohydrates.

2. Give Up Fatty Foods

The excess fat obtained by the body from the food eaten is not only stored in the form of extra pounds, but also contributes to an increase in fat content. As a result, the pores through which the skin carries out gas exchange or breathes, and also removes harmful substances, become clogged, bacteria multiply in them. Care should be taken to ensure that the meat is lean. It is good to add seafood to your diet and stop eating smoked sausages, fatty dairy products, including cheeses.

3. Exclude Knowingly Harmful

Do not overuse junk food, chips, snacks, and crackers. These products contain a lot of salt, spices, flavors and oils. These ingredients hinder and disrupt the sebaceous glands. You also need to be careful with the use of spices and seasonings. Frequent and abundant consumption of foods rich in essential oils – garlic, onions, radishes – can negatively affect the condition of the skin of the face.

4. Green Vegetables

It is worth taking a closer look at green vegetables and herbs – they are rich in zinc, which regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands and ensures the normal functioning of the intestines due to the high fiber content.

  • You need to wash your face twice a day with warm water. Refuse soap and use special products for oily skin for cleansing.
  • If you get pimple on your back or chest, keep away from wearing tight clothes, which can rub and cause irritation.
  • In the active stage of pimples, the use of decorative cosmetics is not desirable, but in “calm” periods, the skin is quite tolerant for makeup. But it is always better to opt for the natural and herbal beauty products.
  • Calmness and confidence can be added by adopting some natural remedies that can help you prevent pimples as well as blemishes.

So these are various measures that a teenager can follow to deal with pimple.


Most teenager will get pimple at some point of their teenage, and it is just a normal part of puberty. So by adopting good skin care habits one can get rid of pimples and scarring of face. Consuming nutritious food will help you to keep healthy, and obviously your skin will get benefit from sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

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