home remedies for depression

Effective Home Remedies for Depression


Depression can strike anybody, at any time and anywhere. These days we find many people suffering from depression due to many reasons such as you lose someone close, your business comes under dark clouds, your studies goes for a toss, you are cheated by someone, you are not eating the right kind of food that has the main nutrients that can also make you feel sad, this deficiency can cause possible hypoglycemia, etc. The whole world is moving at a hectic pace, where everybody wants to surpass his/her competitors. People often lose the race and go into depression, it could be mild or chronic, but today we are going to reveal the secrets that will help in coming out of this sad dysthymia. These home remedies are available in every kitchen and we don’t know how to use them in uplifting the mood of the depressed person.

Herbal Remedy for Depression

Home remedies that can elevate your mood

A Cup of Steaming Coffee:

Sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee can uplift your mood because it contains caffeine, which should be taken in a limited amount. Don’t have it in excess of it will make you go anxious or jittery, because ‘excess of everything is considered bad.’ Limited amount of caffeine will eradicate the toxins that have settled in your body, making you look glum


It is a herb that minds your body’s Ps & Qs on various fronts. It has a unique flavor that can perk up your mood in natural conditions. It also is beneficial in flushing out the toxins that are creating havoc in your body and make it look in distress. It can be had early in the morning on an empty stomach; it has proven to be causing great effects if eaten in raw form. You can also include it while cooking your routine dishes at home. It is filled to the brim with many vital minerals & nutrients that keep you in a happy mood.


This is the most simple and cheapest way of removing your depression. It lubricates the nerves and hormonal production. It also keeps your whole body in a hydrated state and you feel cheerful. A thirsty person does look in a sad state, give him/her a glass of clean water to drink and look at his/her face. He/she will just drool over you. Every person should drink at least 8, 9 glasses a day to let the depression fades away.

Rose Petals

The fragrance of rose has its own value; it just makes you feel fresh and rosy. Take the fresh petals of rose and emerge them in boiling water and keep this jar in the room of depressed person. The fragrance that emits out will uplift the person’s mood and he/she will begin enjoying life. This should be done daily and see his/her mood changes after a few days. You can also use essential oils instead of water or light rose fragrance candles in the room. These also bring to the environment of the house an aromatic ambiance.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are another homely food that boosts your mood in a positive manner. A handful of Brazil nuts each day is enough. These nuts are full of a heavy dose of minerals, especially Selenium that helps in bringing the condition to a positive manner. Its effects are visible to the naked eye. You can also use Sunflower seeds or Oysters if you can’t get the access to have Brazil Nuts.

Effective Home Remedies for Depression


It is another herb that is available in your kitchen garden or the nearest grocery store that has lots of benefits for your body. It is filled with many nutrients that keep your body healthy and in a happy mood. You need to have ¾ cup of spinach every day to gain from its benefits. If you eat spinach daily, a healthy heart and healthy eyes will definitely is the door to a healthy life.

St. john’s Wort

It contains an ingredient that has feel-good properties in it, called serotonin. People who feel depressed are often referred to have St. John’s wort, because their level of serotonin in the brains has gone down, making them land in a glum mood. St. John’s wort is given to them that enhances the level of serotonin and makes their nervous system calms down and they come out of depression.


Saffron is a spice that is made after drying an iris family of flowers, crocus. The rod-like the stem of this flower is given to the depressed person, making him/her lose depression and become cheerful. It is a nice spice that can help in healing mild to moderate depression.

An Herbal Remedy:

Here is a mixture of some of the herbs, which can elevate your mood and drive away from the depression.

How to Use

Take some lemon’s balm and mix it with St. John’s wort and grind them. Now mix them well and soak them in a cup of boiling water. Cover this cup and let it lie for 10 minutes.

Strain the mixture and drink it when its temperature comes in your comfort zone. This is one of the effective herbal remedies for Depression that should be done daily to erase depression from your mind and makes you retain your cheerfulness.

Other Herbs

There are many other ways that can help you lose depression, like folate, herbs that have zinc in them, flaxseeds, hawthorn, lavender, chamomile, California poppy, kava, etc. that can take out the depression from your body. These herbs just help in losing your depressed mood, but it is you yourself who has to take these herbs in a fair amount and not let depression come in and begin knocking on your door. You can also have a word with someone close and discuss your problems. This is not the end of the road, the show must go on. You can also take rest in your home and sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours a day. The rest also fizzles out the depression that is residing in your mind.

If your depression is in a chronic stage and none of the above-mentioned herbs are brining any positive results, better go to a psychiatrist or your doctor to seek the advice. He/she can guide you better.

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