10 Everyday Foods that Fight Cancer


Cancer, the name sends a chilly shivering down your spine. You have to follow a certain strategy to avoid getting infected by its virus, which makes you look odd. Because initially its symptoms are not taken seriously. To avoid getting infected, you have to stay healthy, keep up a balanced body and your immune system should be in a marvelous condition. You have to stay alert on what you eat & make your body a mildly alkaline pH level, detoxify it in a uniform manner. Now go and buy some organic, nutritious solid food that you can lay your hands on. Your only aim should be to enhance your immune system and make it fight the cancer bacteria, in a natural way. All your cells should get a healthy nutritious diet. It’s not a difficult thing to do, because ‘prevention is always better than cure. To prevent cancer from infecting you, we will discuss certain homely foods that block the way of cancer infections.

Cancer Fighting Foods

1. Grapes

It has a yummy taste and it steers clear of the infections of cancer. It’s a well-known fact that eating the seeds of the grapes makes you healthier as these are better anti-oxidant. It’s an ingredient called resveratrol helps in reducing the death of cells of the body. If you don’t like them eating raw, take out their juice and drink it. If you have organic fresh juice daily, you can ward off the cancer infection from touching you. You have so many ways of eating them, you just wash them and freeze them, cut into slices and use them in your salads or cottage cheese. You can also drink red wine made from the red grapes but in a limit. Drinking in excess means alcoholic drinks are equally elevated the chances of acquiring cancer symptoms.

2. Fish

Eating a certain type of fish can get you omega-3 acids, Flaxseed oil, and hemp oil, all 3 of these prove to be a boon for cancer patients. The type of fish that is famous for having these acids is tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring. Eating all these fishes helps in making you look tough, and it provides you with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, which keep fighting the inflammation, but also makes the cancer cells vanish into the thin air. The fish must be eaten at least once a week. It contains vitamin D too, famous for fighting and destroying cancer cells. You can also opt for cod liver oil that is extracted from the liver of fish called cod. One tablespoon is enough to satisfy your need. Don’t exceed the limit as it has vitamin A in it, exceeding the limit can be dangerous.

3. Raw Garlic

Garlic comes from the allium family, which has strong antioxidants, such as allicin, it exterminates the free radicals from your physical body. It’s jam-packed with nutrients, lessens blood pressure, a natural detoxifier and an immune booster. You can use various methods to eat it. Eat it raw or peel off its cloves or add it to your meal preparation. It can be baked in any dish that you cook & eat. It will help in distracting the virus of cancer. Better make it a habit to have 3 or 4 cloves of garlic daily and enjoy the life better.

4. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As compared to the other oily plants, it’s ratio of omega-3 acid is quite high. These are found grounded, milled or are functional in making oil. These seeds have lots of quantity of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in them. So it is usually used as an omega-3 supplement. These are rich in having fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and other valuable nutrients. All these combined can keep the metabolism of the body in-tact.

5. Strawberries

With a yummy taste, these days they have earned a reputation, to get eaten by the humans and provide them numerous benefits. A recent study shows them to put up hurdles in the growth of cancer cells. They shield the body from heart problems, lowers inflammation, help in melting your body’s fats and also make your memory sharp. They have a strong flavor and you will love eating them all day long and they provide you so many health benefits.

6. Tomatoes

It has an ingredient lycopene, the antioxidant that gives them their red color, is an arch rival of the cancer cells. Tomatoes are naturally helpful in lowering the inflammation rate & they keep a watch of your heart from acquiring any disease. You can get most of their benefits on how you bake them. A recent research shows that canned tomatoes have more lycopene than the raw ones.

7. Carrots

Carrots can be eaten raw as is usually done in rural India, but are cooked to make a superb vegetable. It has a beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps during cell damage and also makes the growth of cancer cells lengthy. It also has falcarinol & falcarindiol, natural ingredients that battle the cancer cells. It also chips in to restore your vision, tone up your skin and are a natural detoxifier for your body.

8. Spinach

This leafy green vegetable is low in calories, but a powerhouse of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids & minerals that are required by your body to stay healthy. It has bio-chemicals that absorb the damaging free radicals and pushes them out. It also has an abundance of fiber and folate, these 2 helps to shun the cancer cells, making it a remedy for cancer patients.

9. Green Tea

The green tea has catechins that are found to be the arch rivals of the cancer virus, making them earn the name of a superpower in the world of cancer-fighting elements. It is stronger than vitamin C in fighting free radicals. This delicious drink stops the mushrooming of cancer cells, prevents heart disease, reduces the bad cholesterol level & inflates the good cholesterol level, lowers high blood pressure and lessens existing tumors.

10. Berries

Black raspberries have more power than the other berries, but all berries are strong enough to fight cancer cells. They possess ellagic acid and phytonutrients that are fully capable of fighting cancer cells. These block the tumors from developing, saves the heart & stops memory decline. These have proved to be too aggressive in dealing with the colon cancer cells.

All these foods are good for fighting cancer cells. You need to put them in use to stay away from cancer infecting your body. All these are easily available all over the globe and don’t cost a fortune. But better be aware, all these should be authentically organic.

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