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Real Story – Living with Ulcerative Colitis

Living with Ulcerative Colitis

I have never done anything in excess, as I have heard a saying which states, “Everything in excess is bad”. I have never exceeded my limits. I could count on the fingers of my hand, when I had done boozing, smoking, eating meat, chicken or fish or any other abnormal thing. I used to do jogging or cycling, but all these things did happen in the past. I used to be physically a known person during my heydays, but my physical health began declining after I got married. It was all my fault, I used to stay physically active almost the whole day, as I was a farmer.

Living with Ulcerative Colitis

After marriage I relaxed a bit, and thought let’s do another job and my wife will take care of the farm, she already has had the experience, as she also belonged to a family of farmers. I live on the outskirts of a big city and got the job quite easily.

How difficult has it been to live with Ulcerative Colitis?

  • Most of my day was spent by sitting on a chair answering the phone, a land line one. Initially I felt a mild pain in my abdomen that kept enhancing after every session.
  • Very soon I fell sick with fever and saw  blood coming out with the stools. I began eating less and thought this fever to be responsible for my condition. I did get the medicines from a local doctor, but all those tablets and syrups had no effect on my condition.
  • I could feel the clouds on the horizon, it became more worse as my joints began swelling and aching, my mouth became sore and I could feel the burning sensation in the stomach. I didn’t panic, but my wife could feel that something wrong was happening and took me to get my body tested.
Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

When were you diagnosed?

  • An ultrasound was done and the result was ulcerative colitis. Even I didn’t know that it could be that serious. Both of us landed at a particular clinic and asked that doctor to provide me the medicine, which could find a cure for me as soon as possible.
  • He scared me further by suggesting that the surgery should be done as soon as possible as he said that my stomach was on the brink of getting  cancer. This scary thing made me go nuts.
  • Currently, everybody is running in the hectic pace of competition and every person needs more money to move ahead. He suggested surgery, which I am afraid of, and began making false excuses on one reason or another. I knew surgery helps in eradicating the disease, but also knew my colon and rectum will be removed entirely. This process is called proctocolectomy.
  • You will need more-frequent screening for colon cancer because of your increased risk. The recommended schedule will depend on the location of your disease and how long you have had it.
  • If your disease has become severe and is spread more than your rectum, you will need a surveillance colonoscopy every 1 to 2 years. After diagnosis you might need a surveillance colonoscopy beginning for about 8 years
  • Mostly a procedure is followed that heals pouch anal known as anastomosis. This is carried out to eliminate your bag that stores your stool and another bag is created at the end of your small intestine. This bag is directly connected to your anus, from where you begin moving stools normally.

What other Treatment and Diet have worked for you?

  • But I never wanted to lose an organ of the body. I had watched many YouTube Videos that in fact told by many people about patient getting cured in natural ways by an Ayurvedic clinic. In fact even I knew them personally as I used to supply some herbs to them, the organic ones to Planet Ayurveda. I called on their number and fixed the appointment with a doctor who runs that clinic.
  • The very next day, right on the dot, I & my wife went to the clinic and discussed the disease in detail. The doctor listened attentively and prescribed a  Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and made me alter my diet plans.
  • He did recommended me to eat lots of bitter veggies like long gourds, bitter gourd & round gourds, pumpkin, coconut water and the juice of marigold flower’s petals. It’s yellow flowers needed to be washed thoroughly, crushed, squeeze the juice from them. 20ml is enough and should be taken for twice a day.This remedy doesn’t cost a fortune and is available on line.
  • After I followed all the recommendations precisely, I could feel my symptoms reducing after a few days and in a few months, I have become almost normal, without having to lose an organ, nor any side effects and my physical appearance has become more stronger than the original. Hats off to all at Planet Ayurveda.

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