Herbal Remedies for Depression-Natural Treatment

How Ayurveda Treats Depression Naturally

What is Depression

Depression: Mental health is a term used very often and every second person is said to be under stress or is depressed. Depression, when it stays for long periods, it takes shape of other diseases as well and the setting of diseases in a person will further make a person more depressive, hence a vicious circle is made, which makes it harder for the patient to get out of it. What is depression and why is it becoming so prevalent these days.

Depression comes from stress, which can be due to pressure of studies, peer pressure for various things as comparisons in lifestyle. Also, fast food, which today’s millennials are addicted to, is one of the main reasons for bad health and hence the mental health as well. The good news is, today it is no longer considered a taboo as more and more celebrities are talking about it openly and expressing their own experience and requesting people to be more aware of it as much as they are about their physical health.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Depression

Depression which can be due to bad physical health can be extremely dangerous if not treated for long, it can lead to more complicated situations, risking the person to slip into dementia, develop suicidal intentions, or become aggressive enough to kill others. It has been found in surveys that every year more than lakhs of people take their own lives due to depression and 75% of Millennial left jobs due to depression.

Numerous health surveys have shown mental health to be a silent crisis in males where it goes totally unaddressed, as mental issues have been associated with females. They were considered weaker gender, the mental health of males has never been addressed.

Today millions are bringing mental health issues in the fore front in their workplaces, as they consider themselves to be the “Burnout generation”. Surveys show how this generation is stressed out and due to rising workloads, limited resources and staff, long working hours. They need to be addressed solemnly and millennials want their employers to consider this a priority.

The most promising development towards addressing mental health is changing the attitude towards mental illness. Though there is a long way to go but speaking up by famous people makes a difference and it makes the common man think and talk about it and reach out for help in time.

Once the condition is detected, the patient is often referred to a psychologist. It is only after the attendants have tried all other means that they can and search for alternative treatments. Whereas, Ayurveda has always had a cure for the healthy, mental and emotional state of humans.

Ayurveda is all about natural cure. It is done by giving the patients’ herb’s extract. These extracts, when taken by a patient in powder or tablet form, mix in the blood of the patient and balances the doshas that have put the patient in such a mental crisis. The herbs need to be taken under the guidance of an expert as he only recommends the right mix of herbs depending upon the conditions of the particular patient.

How Ayurveda Treats Depression Naturally

Planet Ayurveda doctors with their immense experience and learning have made Herbal Remedies for Depression that ensures that the patient is treated in natural ways by connecting him or her to nature, as that is where our body has come from.

Medhya Churna:

To know your medicines it is important to see the contents on the box. This one is mix of Ashwagandha, brahmi, vacha, shankhpushpi, pippali, patha, ajmoda etc.

Herbs in Medhya Churna

Ashwagandha, brahmi, vacha are all known for their memory and concentration enhancing effects. Shankhpushi in combination ensure the overall health of the brain and when the signal giving brain is working fine, the whole of the nervous system, which carries and brings information is healthy and hence it ensures a healthy and happy generation. You can take it on our own as well, it will help no doubt but when you take the mix prepared by experts it ensures the positive results and long-lasting effects.

Vacha is also given to students to stop stammering, make their memory sharp and hence able to coop in student life.

Brahmi improves overall health and ashwagandha acts like sanjeevani booti, reviving all systems in the body ensuring to give energy to the patient and bringing life force back in fatigued mind. Shankhpushpi has been used for ages by sages.


It is helpful in boosting memory and concentration, helps to fight stress, depression, anxiety, improves circulation and helps in relaxation.

Stress support

It helps to fight stress, anger, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration. it also helps in relaxing tensed nerves and acts as a natural mood elevator.

Memory support

It helps to increase memory, overcome anxiety, stress, acts as a sleep inducer and helps to control blood pressure and improves body’s defense mechanisms.


Together all these medicines on the recommendation of the doctors helps the patient to tackle the problem and come out shinning with new energies and hope to fight their way back in life.

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