Herbal Remedies for Dandruff and Hair fall in Winter

Herbal Remedies for Dandruff and Hair fall in Winter


Winter, a cold season is here and it has brought along dandruff and hair loss problems. Dandruff and hair loss in winters usually caused by a dry scalp as dry air in winter absorbs the moisture from the scalps and Malassezia fungus causes fungal infection on scalps. Winter makes people lazy to go out of the house, so they don’t even go to the salon for hair therapy.  No need to worry now. There are various easy home and herbal remedies that help to make your hair dandruff free, dense and healthy during winter.


As we are discussing here the winter hair problems. We know that winter falls in nature’s cycle and we are all nurtured by the cycle of nature. So, to get relief from these problems it is better to adopt natural remedies.

Home remedies for Healthy Hair

1.Egg Mask

Eggs are a rich source of sulfur, selenium, phosphorous, zinc, iodine, and protein, which help to promote the healthy growth of hair. Add the white part of an egg in a bowl and a teaspoon olive oil and honey in it. Make a paste and apply it from root to tips of the hair. Wash hair after 20 minutes, with shampoo.

2.Beetroot Leaves

It is a great source of vitamin C and B6, manganese, folate, potassium, and betaine, which help to support the healthy growth of hair. It is also helpful to provide relief from dandruff by acting as a detoxifying agent for hair scalp. You can boil some beetroot leaves and grind them with henna leaves.

How to Use

Make a paste and apply it on your scalp. Allow it for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water.

3.Curd and Lemon

This combination of curd and lemon is good for our hair. It helps to decrease hair loss and works as the best natural conditioner you can use for the good health of hair during the winter season. It prevents the scalps to get dry and overcomes dandruff.

How to Use

Add a few drops of lemon juice in curd and apply it on your hair like a mask. Allow it to dry and rinse it.

4.Neem and Coconut Oil

The combination of neem and coconut oil is a natural antiseptic to get relief from dandruff and scalp inflammation. It acts as an anti-fungal oil and fights against fungi that cause scalp infections.

5.Neem Paste and Curd

This combination is also good for hair scalp health.

How to Use

A mixture of neem leaf paste and curd reduces hair fall, hair whitening, and hair growth when applied on the scalp.

6.Oil and Camphor

This combination helps to reduce dandruff and relieve itchiness from the scalp.

How to Use

You can add camphor in oil. Apply it on the scalp. It also keeps your mind cool.

7.Hot oil Massage

Hot oil massage is one of the ways for the wellbeing of hair and scalps in the winter. It helps to recover the strength and provide a shiny appearance to your hair. It provides nourishment to hair skin and makes your scalp to cope with the winter winds.


It helps you bring back the moisture content and makes your hair stronger. This opens up the hair follicles so that they receive more extra nutrients. Therefore, steam helps in healthy growth of hair, helps to reduce hair fall and gives a shiny appearance.


It is very important to understand the type of scalp, a proper way of washing hair and choosing the correct shampoo. Washing hair incorrectly and excessively causes hair fall. So, wash your hair properly to prevent hair loss and dandruff.

10.Diet and Exercise

The right nutrients like protein and iron are needed for your hair to grow and grow stronger. Daily exercise, yoga, and meditation are also efficient in decreasing hair fall.

Herbal Remedies for Healthy Hair

Herbal remedies also help to get strong, healthy hair without dandruff. Planet Ayurveda offers various herbal products that naturally maintain the health of hair without any side effects. Following are the products are given by Planet Ayurveda


Products Description


Go Rich Hair Shampoo is a powerful natural hair cleanser that cleanses the hair scalp without drying out them. It helps in frizzy hair and reduced hair fall. It also promotes hair growth. This herbal product does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is the combination of various natural ingredients such as herbal extract of Soya Protein, Aloe vera, Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Pure Honey, Elfan AT 84, Celquat SC 230 M, FM-1200, Glycerin, etc.

Usage: Apply a relevant quantity of this shampoo to the hair and scalp. Massage it in a circular motion and wash well.


Go Richh Conditioner, an herbal remedy by Planet Ayurveda for hairs to give hair soft, silky, and bouncy look and also prevents dandruff and hair loss. It supports the healthy growth of hair. It is the combination of various natural ingredients such as Viatenza Almond PE-8, Walnut Oil, Argan Oil Deodorised Organic, Coconut Oil Virgin, Extract of Reetha Amla, Green Tea, Ginol 1618, ViatenzaArgan PE-8, Armocare VGH-70, Arguard 16-29, Elfamoist AC, etc.

Usage: After shampooing, apply gently along with the hair from root to tip. Leave it for at least two minutes and rinse thoroughly.


This herbal oil takes care of the overall health of hair and scalp and protects from various conditions. It is a marvelous combination of various natural herbs like Butea monosperma, Eclipta alba, Brahmi, Amalaki, Bibhtaki, Haritaki, Shikakai, Indrayanbeej, Mulethi, Henna, Anantmool madras, Kutajbeej, etc. It shields the hair and scalp from dandruff and fungal infections. It also supports healthy hair growth.

Usage: Apply hair oil in the night. You can massage slowly this on the scalp with about 5-10 ml of oil.


The herbal formulation is a great combination of many natural herbs. These herbs are Manjistha, Pit Papra, Chirata, and Ghrit Kumari.

These herbs make this herbal formulation effective in dandruff and hair loss. It is also beneficial in hair nourishment from the root and helps to repair damaged, broken, and split hair. Regular use of this herbal remedy helps in removing dandruff and supports strong hair growth.

Dosage: 2 capsules two times daily after meals with plain water.


This is also an outstanding herbal formulation provided by Planet Ayurveda which included the following herbs.

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu)
  • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)
  • Eclipta alba (Bhringraj)
  • Phyllanthus niruri (Bhumi amalaki)
  • Emblica officinalis (Amalaki)
  • Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)

These herbs are useful in hair loss and dandruff, etc. These capsules provide good hair texture, increase strength and take care of overall wellness of hair and scalp. They penetrate deeply on the scalp and efficiently grow new hair.

Dosage: 2 capsules two times daily after meals with plain water.


Hence, remove the tension of appointments in the salon and spending too much time on your hair care. Go with the above explained herbal and home remedies, and maintain the health of your hair more conveniently and effectively.

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