Do Cellphones Really Cause Cancer?

Your cellphone must be one of the very important part of your life, if not so—for many others it is. We cannot go out without having it in our pocket or bag and it’s by our side be it college, workplace, gyms or home. Staring at the screen scrolling on different social networking sites, hours are passed like minutes without even our realization. It is the last thing we look before we go to sleep and first thing to check after waking up in the morning. If this is your lifestyle too I am sure after reading this article you must have to think about it twice!

Do Cellphones Really can cause cancer?

It is one of the most debatable topic since decades. However for now, it is a theory in whose support many scientists and organizations have come up so do in opposition. Cellphones tend to emit low frequency non ionizing radiations that are carcinogenic in nature however the evidence of their causing directly cancer is not strong enough and definitive. Phewww…this is your reaction currently after reading the above lines, right? Then you must know about the scary evidence put up by the World health organization (WHO) in 2011, mentioning radiations of cellphones to be a “possible carcinogen”. Don’t panic!

The next lines are relief worthy. Just after 6 weeks of releasing this study, the International Commission Of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection found that the instances of cancer from 1970-2008 were static and same which means they are almost same when compared to time before and after cellphones entered common people life. Yes this confusion or yes or no is since the beginning of the debate “if cellphones causes cancer or not” and still persist.

Side effects of Cell Phone

Technology has become omnipresent in the world and our lives and along with every pro there comes a con too. Various experiments have been done on the animals to learn about the effects of radiations of the cellphones. However not much of help can be derived from them as after all rodents are not humans. There are also certain studies in the favor of cellphones which says that the radiations emitted by the cellphone are of very low frequency and are not potent enough to break the molecules of DNA which means it cannot cause any changes in DNA henceforth cannot cause cancer.

This study is strongly supported and yet no any proof has been found to deny it. During the epidemiologic studies both the factors have come up but very less number suggests that there is association of increased cancer risk with radiations emitted from cellphones, however most of these researches deny the mentioned theory.

Some people also came up with the theory of new 4G and 5G networks to be bad for health but contrary to the fact both these networks are radio waves based and operate similarly to the older phone networks. The difference between the 4G, 5G and older network is that the frequency is higher in the former then the later. Still these waves are not potent enough to damage the DNA or cause any carcinogenic changes in the cells.

However the market of researches is still on fire and higher than earlier. Both the sides are trying hard to prove there fact, be anything true but one fact is for sure that excess of nothing is good.

Similarly, Using your cellphones won’t cause you cancer but yes it can harm the body in various ways, like:

  • Continuous scrolling while surfing, texting and gaming on your cellphones can result in cramps in the fingers and muscles which is also termed as “Text claw”. Excessive use of your smartphones can inflame your tendons and triggers the ailments in prior sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis
  • Slumping on your cellphones for long hours together, have a really bad effect on you back and neck. Excessive stress on muscles of back and neck can result in chronic pain and bad posture.
  • There is a particular term for phobia in people of not having their phones around, it’s called Nomophobia. These so called nomophobic people cannot tend to lose their phone at any time.

Other than these complaints, people can experience many other complaints as well due to addiction of phones.

Considering both the sides of theories of cellphones causing cancers or not, it would be better if you maintain a healthy distance from your phones and following few below given tips can help you in it.

  • Using headphones or earphones can help in maintaining some distance between your brain and cellphones
  • Do not keep phones in you shirts or pant pockets
  • While sleeping do not keep phone just nearby your head or chest, better keep it on some distance at table or side stand
  • Long duration calls can harm your ear and brain so use earphones, keep phone on loud speakers or keep the call short

Herbs That Can Help in Enhancing the Function of Brain and Prevent it

Ayurveda is the science of life based upon nature and mother nature have all the answers to your questions and medicines for your ailments. There are some herbs in Ayurveda that can help in enhancing the function of brain and prevent it from certain diseases (Also including your cellphone adverse effects and addictions).

  • Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)Gotukola is an amazing herb helps in maintaining good blood circulation throughout the body and aid graceful aging. It strengthens the brain and its functioning.
  • Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)-Brahmi in Ayurveda have been known to do miracles in case brain health and act as brain tonic. Owing to the brain rejuvenative properties of brahmi, herbs wonderfully improves functioning of brain.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)-It is an Ayurvedic herb that supports brain and memory effectively. Ashwagandha relieves stress of the brain and helps to relax the organ naturally.

At the end I just want to say that do not be the prisoners of your phones, let it just be a gadget and do not get overwhelmed by it. Don’t be a fool in front of smart devices!!

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