What is Spirulina? Why is it called Super FOOD?

Nutritional deficiencies are the major health problems affecting more than half of the population. As we all know nutrients are the major health component that helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Here we are going to discuss in detail the Dietary supplement named Spirulina which contains nutrients in abundance and possesses numerous health benefits.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a biomass of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) which contains numerous health benefits. It can be consumed by both animals and humans. It is used as a dietary supplement or whole food. It is the ultimate source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The Three Species of Spirulina are

  1. Anthrospira plantensis
  2. Anthrospira fusiformis
  3. Anthrospira maxima

Among all of the above, Anthrospira plantensis is widely distributed and found. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions.

Why Is It Called Super FOOD?

It is called a super food because it possesses numerous Health Benefits which are beneficial for the brain and body.

The Health Benefits of Spirulina include the Following

  1. Rich in Nutrients:-Spirulina is blue-green algae which are rich in many nutrients like Protein, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, and B12), iron, and various minerals. It also contains omega3and omega6 fatty acids. It is one of the most nutrient foods on this planet.
  2. Acts as an Immune modulator:-As per the studies and researches, it is a wonderful source of nutrients and possesses antioxidant properties. It boosts the immune system and maintains normal body functions.
  3. Works as an Antioxidant: – Being a wonderful antioxidant, spirulina prevents the oxidative changes that occur within the cells. Its active component is Phycocyanin. It is also responsible for the blue-green color of Spirulina.
  4. Possesses Anti-inflammatory property – Spirulina also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The oxidative changes in the body lead to chronic inflammation and cause various diseases. As it is an antioxidant, thus it helps in reducing inflammation.
  5. Acts as Anti-cancerous:– Spirulina also possesses anti-cancerous properties. It helps in reducing the size of tumors and their occurrence. It is especially effective in the type of precancerous lesions occurring in the mouth.
  6. Helpful in reducing Blood Pressure:-Spirulina is very helpful in reducing blood pressure. It increases the production of nitric oxide (a signaling molecule), which helps the blood vessels to relax and dilate. It also prevents cardiac disorders like CHF (congestive heart failure), MI (Myocardial infarction).
  7. Effective in allergic rhinitis: – It is very effective in patients with allergic rhinitis. It reduces the symptoms like nasal congestion, irritation, and nasal discharge which is caused by pollens, animal’s hair, and other environmental pollutants.
  8. Improves muscle strength and Endurance:-Spirulina is beneficial for gaining muscle strength and enhancing endurance. Exercises lead to the degenerative changes due to the oxidation within the cells. Spirulina, with its wonderful health benefits, reduces the degeneration and oxidative changes, and supports health.
  9. Acts as Antidiabetic:-It is also effective in reducing blood sugar levels. It is a wonderful herb for patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
  10. Reduces Blood cholesterol level:-It has the ability to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. Due to this, Spirulina is very helpful in preventing heart attacks.
  11. Improves digestion:-Spirulina maintains a healthy digestive system as it contains amino acids. Amino acid enhances the production of digestive enzymes. It also contains an antibacterial property that kills the bacteria and supports in maintaining healthy digestion.
  12. Maintains overall health and boosts energy:-With the above-mentioned and other beneficial acts, Spirulina maintains the overall health and energy levels of the body. It refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and body due to its enormous properties.

Different Ways to Consume Spirulina

There are different ways to consume Spirulina. For the convenient uses, it is available in tablet / capsules / powder form.

  • The dosage should be 1 -2 capsules / tablets twice daily. In powder form, it should be 1 tsp twice daily.
  • Spirulina powder can be consumed by mixing in the healthy green smoothies, juices, and various types of dishes.


Thus, we can conclude that Spirulina is a super food because it possesses numerous health benefits and contains all the essential nutrients which help us in maintaining a healthy body and mind. It helps in the treatment and prevention of several diseases. The above provided information is relevant and presented in an effective way.

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