नीम एक आयुर्वेदिक औषधि

Neem: An Ayurvedic Remedy

Neem is rich in many qualities. It is an herb that is used in many diseases. The house is also called Vaidyashala in the native language. Neem has so many properties that this medicine for 5000 years, neem has been used to treat all types of diseases. Neem in Sanskrit is Arishta which means the most important which you can never destroy. Neem is omnipotent in the Ayurvedic book Charaka Samhita. Sampan has been told. In Sanskrit there is also a saying for Neem – (All Disease Prevention) that means to protect us from all kinds of diseases. Every part of the Neem tree is used as a different type of medicine.

ancient reference

Interpretation – This verse is taken from Dhanvantari Nighantu, the text of Ayurveda. This verse describes the properties of neem. The verse states that neem is bitter, cold, mild, calms bile and phlegm, cures blood diseases, leprosy. It helps the ulcer to become raw and mature.

Reference – Dhanvantari Nighantu, Verse-29 |

Neem an Ayurvedic medicine

Let’s know about the properties of neem

1. Useful for teeth

If neem bark extract is prepared and cleaned with its mouth and teeth, then it protects us from many diseases. This extract kills all types of bacteria inside the mouth. Neem bark is very useful for all diseases of teeth like pain, worm etc.

2. Eliminate bacteria

Today’s society suffers from many bacterial diseases. You probably do not even know how many harmful bacteria are inside your body. Not all these bacteria are at risk, some of them are those which our body needs very much. We have to avoid extracts of neem bark to avoid them. These extracts should be consumed by destroying all kinds of harmful bacteria from inside our body. And the body is protected from disease.

3. Panacea treatment of itching

If you have any problem of itching or ringworm on any part of the body, for that you should clean neem leaves with water and mix them in curd and grind it well and apply this paste on that place. Should be applied where you have itching problem. By doing this your itching problem will be resolved very quickly.

4. Eliminate malaria

According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, if someone gets malaria,  if he is given a decoction of the bark of the Neem tree from the same time, then it can prove to be a very good medicine for him. This decoction will have to be drunk three to four times a day, this will solve your problem very quickly and the body will also be healthy.

5. Protected from bacteria

Neem has many properties that can protect us from all kinds of harmful bacteria. A research has shown that neem contains lots of such against bacteria properties are found which protect us from those harmful infections. If there is any kind of infection on the upper part of your body, for this you need to clean them with water of Neem leaves applying grinded paste provides a lot of benefit.

6. Keep face clean

If you have any kind of scar or any nail on your face, for that, using neem bark can prove very beneficial. Neem tree for this Grinding the bark with water and applying it on the face gives a lot of benefit. Neem leaves are extracted from oil and are used in any skin disease. Neem leaves have so many properties that by using them you can get rid of the skin.Can be protected from all diseases.

7. For dark skin from sunlight

If you have to stand in one place for a long time in the sun during the summer season, the skin starts turning black. Neem proves to be an ayurvedic medicine to remove it. First of all take neem leaves for its use, clean them with water and put them to dry in the sun for a while, then grind them well and mix them in curd and now Apply the paste on the black skin. This paste will make your black skin as clean as before.

8. Is beneficial for diabetes

According to a research, neem leaves are very beneficial for diabetes disease. Made on diabetes patients the study shows how useful Neem is in diabetes. If the diabetic patients clean neem leaves with water and eat them raw regularly then their problem can be overcome very quickly.

9. Useful for cancer

Neem has properties of fighting a deadly disease like cancer. To prevent the elements inside the human body from spreading diseases like cancer.

10. Fight every stomach problem

If you have any type of stomach problem, neem is a very useful medicine for it, such as stomach pain, constipation problem or digestion. For this you need 3 to 4 leaves of Neem they should be cleaned and eaten. It is a very beneficial use.

11. For eye diseases

Neem tree is a cure for every eye disease, if it is used properly. If there is any kind of itching or burning in your eyes, then you need to boil neem leaves in clean water. After cooling, the eyes should be washed with that water, this will solve your problem quickly.

12. Provides strength to fight diseases

The ability to fight against any disease inside Neem. If neem leaves are morning, If we eat raw or drink neem bark made with decoction, our body gets a lot of benefits.

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