Naturally Ways to Treat Ulcerative Colitis

Every day I fight my own body. You may not see it but the struggle is real and fierce. I fight in silence, i fight in darkness these thoughts always occur in an ulcerative colitis patient. Ulcerative colitis also named as inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of the colon. The ulcers are formed in the digestive tract that affects the innermost lining of large intestine and rectum.

Diarrhea, Bleeding or pus in stools, abdominal pain, cramps, rectal bleeding, rectal pain, weight loss, fatigue, fever, etc are common signs and symptoms seen in ulcerative colitis patients. If these all are not treated on time then it can create a life-threatening situation. You can also treat it naturally at home with some simple methods. The exact cause of ulcerative colitis disease is not known. In ulcerative colitis the immune system of an individual becomes weak.

There are natural herbs & many more that treats ulcerative colitis naturally mentioned below in detail:

1) Pomegranate: The antioxidant nature of this herb removes all toxins from the digestive tract. As in ulcerative colitis patient bleeding from the anal region that causes anemia is more so the juice of pomegranate is good for health. Instead of eating pomegranate fruit always drink its juice as it is more beneficial. So drink 50ml of pomegranate juice freshly prepared at home twice daily.

2) Aloe vera: This is a wonderful herb with many health benefits. The antioxidant & anti-inflammatory nature of this herb reduces inflammation & remove toxins out from the body. You can take fresh juice of aloe vera prepared at home or its capsules are available in the market. Use one capsule twice daily with normal water.

3) Noni: The fruit of this amazing herb reduces inflammatory cytokines expression. Thus it contributes to the maintenance of intestinal mucosal integrity & ulcerative colitis. The Noni fruit acts as probiotics and shows its action on the body. Take 20 ml of Noni juice twice daily for good results in ulcerative colitis conditions.

4) Green Coconut: The water of green coconut shows anti-inflammatory and digestive action on the body. As in ulcerative colitis patients, the digestion power is weak, cramps and inflammation are common. So for avoiding all these drink green coconut water once or twice daily. This water reduces the hyperacidity & calms the digestive system easily. It keeps healthy digestion & maintains your overall digestive system.

5) Marigold: The flower of this plant shows medicinal properties such as antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, etc. These properties heal the ulcers naturally. The inflammation of the intestines is reduced with this herb. The abdominal pain is naturally treated with the use of this herb. So you can use the juice prepared from the flowers of this herb. Take few marigold flower petals add it in a blender. Mix a small amount of water in it. Prepare the juice after that drink 15ml of the juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.

6) Wheatgrass: The juice of wheatgrass is good for treating various gastrointestinal conditions. As in ulcerative colitis, there is inflammation of the colon so it is beneficial in that case also. It reduces the rectal bleeding in an ulcerative colitis patient. You can prepare fresh wheatgrass juice at home or now wheatgrass powder is also available in the market. Take a teaspoonful of wheatgrass powder in a glass of water. Drink this early in the morning on an empty stomach.

7) Arjuna: The herb Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is a beneficial herb for treating gastrointestinal disorders. This herb shows anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & antidiarrheal properties. These properties reduce inflammation, toxins, and reduces excessive motions in ulcerative colitis patients. So you can take the bark of Arjuna boil in two cups of water until remaining one cup. Strain the mixture & drink it once or twice daily.

8) Fennel seeds: This is a wonderful herb that reduces abdominal pain, cramps, burning sensation in the chest, bloating, diarrhea, rectal bleeding related to ulcerative colitis patients. Saunf is carminative and digestive in nature. So you can take one teaspoonful of fennel seeds after your meals for keeping your digestion fit. Take a teaspoonful of fennel seeds in two cups of water. Boil it until the remaining one cup filter the mixture let it cool down and drink once or twice daily.

9) Green cardamom: It is one of the important spices that put flavors in your cuisine. This herb is good for keeping your digestive system healthy. As in ulcerative colitis patients, the digestion is weak so it improves the digestion, cramps, abdominal pain, etc. Take 2 to 3 green cardamom in two cups of water. Boil it in two cups of water until remaining one cup. Strain the mixture filter the mixture let it cool down and drink this mixture once or twice.

10) Coriander: This is another herb that is good for ulcerative colitis patients. The herb shows appetizer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent, digestive properties. It helps to manage all signs and symptoms related to ulcerative colitis. Take fresh leaves of coriander mix it in a blender. Add water in it make a paste. Filter the mixture and drink this herbal juice once or twice. Or take a teaspoonful of coriander seeds in two glasses of water boil it until remaining half glass. Filter the mixture let it cool down and drink this mixture.

You can include any of these natural ways in your life for treating ulcerative colitis naturally. These all are natural and will not create any side-effects on the body.

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