How to Get Relief in Arthritis Pain

What is The Best Foods to Get Relief from Arthritis?


Arthritis is a pain in the joints, mostly happening to the people after they attain the age of 50 years. After that if you don’t care about it, thinking that it is the age factor responsible for it, you are wrong. When inflammation occurs in the joints of the human body, it is called arthritis. It also causes swelling and stiffness that makes your physical movements difficult.

If ignored, it begins with the knees and slowly & slowly spreads to the other joints like hip joint, wrists, ankles, fingers etc. In some cases, it gets severe and restricts any movement of the elderly, making them dependent on the other family members. They even start getting annoyed when the elderly ask for one thing or another. They begin losing the respect that they have earned in so many years.

Don’t panic, just relax, we are going to discuss some homely foods that can help relieve the pain. Many of them were already in the house, but we never knew about their benefits. It is only then we realize their true value and start thinking that if we had known about all this, arthritis pain could never ambush us. But still you have a chance, but eat these foods only after the advice of your dietitian.

What foods minimize the arthritis pain?

Ajwain (Carom seeds)

  • It is a superb food to alleviate the arthritis pain because it possesses anti-inflammatory components. Due to its anesthetic features it is mostly consumed in winters, when the weather gets too chilly or in cool spring days.

How to Use

  • Add a teaspoon of carom seeds in a tub of warm water and stir well, see it gets dissolved in water completely. Slide in your joints that are paining into the water and keep it immersed for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Don’t move an inch and you will find that ajwain reduces the swelling and the pain. There is another way to reduce the pain, grind these ajwain seeds and make a powder. Add some water to make a paste, and then apply it directly on the aching parts directly in order to alleviate the pain. You can also drink ajwain water daily to speed up recovery.


  • This in fact is a super food that can be remedy of almost all diseases. It has the ultimate features like anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, which help in eradicating the pain from the various joints and reduce their swelling. It also helps in gearing up the blood circulation, which helps in vanishing the pain naturally.

How to Use

  • Ginger is available in many forms drinking ginger tea, apply ginger coated paste on the paining joints or use ginger oil to massage these joints.

Soya beans:

  • Soya beans also help in making the arthritis pain perish. It has an abundance of isoflavones, genistein and daidzin that are totally anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant. Soya beans also help in strengthening the bones and the cartilage, by enhancing the health of bone cells. It also has components that help in eliminating the pain and curbing the swelling.


  • People who are obese often has knee pain in older age, called knee osteoarthritis. Eating strawberries can be healthy and it helps in reducing lipid peroxides and inflammation of the adults who are facing knee osteoarthritis.

Whole wheat grains:

  • These help in reducing the levels of C-reactive protein ( CRP) in the blood. CRP is fully responsible for increasing the inflammation in the joints that causes pain and swelling. It can also affect the heart related diseases and diabetes. When its levels are lowered, a relief from swelling and pain is inevitable.


  • Nuts, the dry fruit has an abundance of calcium, protein, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and lots of immune strengthening linolenic acid (ALA). They boost the immune to produce healthy enzymes that should fight the toxins that help in creating this inflammation. Your pain vanishes in a natural style. The walnuts have many kinds like almond, pistachios, walnuts and pine nuts.

Eat Fish:

  • Eating fish and applying fish oil on the aching parts can relieve the susceptible joints a relief from pain and swelling, It also helps in enhancing the physical mobility of the sufferers. Mostly, it provides so much relief that people have started missing their medical treatment and switched to these fish oils, isn’t it fishy? If you want to try these fish oils, better have a word with your doctor and ask him/her about the dosage.

The Dairy Products:

  • Don’t ditch the dairy products as these contain a high amount of vitamin D and calcium. All the milk related products like buttermilk, yogurt and cheese strengthens the immune system that takes care of the toxins that are spreading this trouble. If you are not compatible with the dairy, you do have a choice to switch to other diets that have calcium and vitamin D in them like leafy green vegetables.


  • There are many fruits that can minimize the pain and swelling from the joints. Like pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain and papaya has papain. Both these enzymes have anti-inflammatory features and thus help in perishing the arthritis pain. They also have minerals & vitamins that are anti-oxidant whose presence becomes necessary to create a healthy diet to enhance the joint health. Many other fruits can help like kiwi, berries, pear, avocados, apricot etc. All provide a good health.

What should be avoided to rectify arthritis?

  • But there are some other fruits and vegetables that should be avoided to find a relief from pain & swelling like alcohol, wine, beer, corn oil, gluten, cauliflower, okra, broccoli, potatoes and all fried fruits & vegetables. Neither their juices or soups should be had; otherwise the whole process will deteriorate.
  • All these foods don’t cost a fortune and are easily available. Just take care about one thing all the fruits and vegetables should be fresh, seasonal and organic.
  • We know it is hard to find an organic product, but can and should be tried to find one. Only then you can reap in the maximum benefits. Better have the advice of your doctor, before you proceed with these home remedies.

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