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Gonorrhea is commonly a sexually transmitted disease, caused by bacteria Neisseria Gonorhhoeae.  It is sometimes called “the Clap”. It affects thousands of men and women of the US annually. It can affect both male and female. Mainly seen at the age of 15 to 24 years of age. It mainly involves the mucous lining of genitals, rectum, and throat. It can also affect the babies if at the time of the birth mother is suffering from this disease. Often it is not a serious disease, but can result in various serious complications, if not treated early.


Gonorrhea is mainly caused due to bacteria Neisseria Gonorhhoeae. It is usually transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person involving vagina, penis, and mouth. It not only involves the reproductive tract but also the mucous lining of the mouth, eyes, rectum, and throat. It can also be transmitted from an infected mother to baby during delivery.

Home Remedies For Gonorhhea
Home Remedies For Gonorrhea

Fast Facts On Gonorrhea

Here are some facts for gonorrhea

  1. Gonorrhea is caused due to bacteria Neisseria Gonorhhoeae. 
  2. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia both can be experienced simultaneously.
  3. Gonorrhea can be transmitted from mother to baby at the time of delivery, if the mother is suffering from this disease.
  4. If untreated, it increases the person’s risk of acquiring HIV

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Here are some symptoms of this disease in Men and Women –

Symptoms in Men – They can be –

  • White, green or yellow urethral discharge, resembling Pus
  • Pain in testicles or scrotum
  • Burning or painful sensation during urination
  • Itching, pain, bleeding, and pain during passing stool
  • Anal discharge

Symptoms in Women – They can be –

  • Yellow or green vaginal discharge
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Sore throat
  • Irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Painful or frequent urination

Risk Factors For Gonorrhea

These are the risk factors associated with this disease

  • Unprotected sexual contact
  • Having multiple sex partners
  • Having other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  • Previously diagnosed with Gonorrhea
  • Sexually active young adults

Prevention Of Gonorrhea

There are many methods to prevent this disease

  • Use condoms during anal and vaginal sex
  • Use dental dams during oral sex
  • Avoid sex with multiple partners
  • Regular gonorrhea screening if at risk

Complications Of Gonorrhea

There are serious potential complications related to this disease.

  • In Men – It can lead to Epididymitis (Inflammation of the epididymis), Infertility.
  • In Women – it can lead to Infertility, Ectopic pregnancy, Chronic pelvic pain and Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • In Both – It can have some common complications in both men and women which include – fever, Arthritis, Dermatitis.

Diagnosis Of Gonorrhea

After taking the proper case history of the patient, the Doctor will recommend a normal urine test and also recommend a swab test from the affected area. Swab samples are mainly taken from – Penis, Vagina, Cervix, Throat, Anus and Urethra.

Treatment Of Gonorrhea

Various treatment modalities can be

1. Antibiotics

Doctor will recommend both the oral antibiotic and shot.

2. Sexual Intercourse Abstinence

Until treatment is completed, there is still a risk of complications and spread of this infection so avoid sexual intercourse during treatment.

3. Repeat Testing in Some Cases

It is mainly done to make sure that the given treatment has worked or not, but is not always necessary.

4. In Pregnancy

In case if the woman is infected with this disease at the time of delivery then the child will be given an eye ointment to prevent the eye infection. However, antibiotics can also be prescribed to prevent eye infection.

Home Remedies For Gonorrhea

  • Zinc – It boosts our immune system and increases the number of white blood cells and antibodies. It is mainly found in – dark chocolate, sesame seeds, and oyster.
  • Garlic – Allicin is the active ingredient found in Garlic, which is very helpful in treating this disease. It is the most accessible and the most popular antibacterial food we can add to our diet. It boosts our immune system.
  • Vitamin C – It acts as an antioxidant, reduces the inflammation. It is mainly found in citrus fruits and vegetables like spinach and broccoli.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This is the versatile health tonic. Its vinegar part has antibacterial as well as antimicrobial property. It can be used both orally and can be applied topically.
  • Aloe Vera – It is used to treat various diseases and it has many species. Only one species, Barbadensis milla is used to treat this disease. Aloe Vera removes the bacterial infection and reduces the inflammation.
  • Tea Tree Oil – It is similar to apple cider vinegar. It can be topically applied to directly attack the bacteria, in females suffering from this disease. It is a powerful antibacterial substance which neutralizes the effect of these bacteria.
  • Exercise – Exercise is a very good way to keep active. It promotes the blood flow as well boost our immune system.
  • Mangosteen – It is a popular tropical fruit. It has a high concentration of vitamin C and also has antioxidant property.
  • Avoid Sexual Intercourse – When suffering from gonorrhea, during intercourse pain and inflammation occurs, which makes the course unpleasant and worsens the condition?


The safest way to prevent gonorrhea is through abstinence. If you do engage in sex, always use a condom. Gets regular STD testing. If your partner is showing signs of a possible infection, avoid any sexual contact with them. Ask them to seek medical attention. You are also at a higher risk if you have multiple sexual partners.

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