7 Sexual Health Tips

7 Sexual Health Tips

Leading a peaceful life has become highly improbable in today’s technological world. In order to lead a peaceful life, you need to balance your Work and Family effectively. Although there are numerous you need to take care of, to lead a perfect family life there are few essential elements which should never be compromised. A Healthy Sexual Life is one of the key parameters which get your relationship going smoothly. A healthy sex life is essential to ensure that both the bodies and minds of the persons involved are aligned parallel. Once this is done, a lot of achievements in life could be unlocked with strong support from your companion in all aspects of life.

Here are few essential Sexual Health Tips for both Men and Women.


1. Choose the Comfortable Position

It is always good to ask your partner if they are comfortable with a certain position. Although there are several positions which could give you pleasure, not all of them would be comfortable for your partner too. Hence it is essential to choose a position which gives equal pleasure to both the partners besides keeping it comfortable for both of them. Choosing the comfortable position might seem like a very small task but this is the first step on the ladder to a Healthy Sexual Life.


2. Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit which could do a lot of damage to your lungs. But what most of the people are unaware of, is the fact that Smoking also causes a lot of sexual disorders in both men and women. Also, Smoking is going to reduce your stamina which is going a have a serious impact on your sexual life. Smoking can lead to serious sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction in men. In women, smoking is known to cause Frigidity. Smoking not only affects your health but also prevents you from leading a peaceful life by causing sexual problems in both men and women.


3. Eliminate Stress

Stress is one of the major factors which affect your sexual health life. Although the best way to vent out stress is having sex with your partner, stress can cause some serious trouble. Major sexual disorders like erectile Dysfunction have been linked with stress. Hence driving out stress can prevent such sexual disorders in both the partners involved in a relationship. The best way to de-stress yourself is through meditation. Meditation and yoga help in achieving peace of mind required to lead a healthy life in all aspects.


4. Choose the Right Food

Most of the people are not aware of the right food to improve your sexual life. Certain fruits like Garlic and Strawberry help in improving blood circulation to your genitals. Oysters are not only a great source of nutrition but also help in improving blood circulation to your genitals. Your genitals function well only when they receive the required amount of blood circulation. Also, avoid keeping your laptops and Mobiles too close to your genital area as the heat and radiation have been proved to destroy their performance.


5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Sexual Intercourse is a process where you lose a lot of energy and also sweat a lot. Most of the people stop their intercourse during the peak period to rehydrate themselves which destroys the pleasure obtained throughout the entire process. Hence it is essential to keep yourself hydrated well before the Intercourse and also after the Intercourse. Taking energy drinks on a small quantity have proven to improve your stamina which obviously helps in the process. Immediately after the Intercourse, most people are exhausted to get out of the bed. But it is healthy consume oral rehydrates immediately after the Intercourse to regain the lost energy in a few hours.


6. Opt for Therapy if required

Most people in today’s world have some sort of problem in their sexual life. Although it is perfectly normal to have a sexual problem, proper medical care is required to cure such problems. Most people do not feel comfortable visiting a Sex Expert. But only if you could pay them a visit, you could find a cure for your problems. Hiding problems associated with your sexual life is not going to do any good. Even if you are very good at hiding it, your partner is going to find out about it at any point in time.


7. Avoid Watching Porn during Intercourse

Although a lot of couples make out while watching Porn, it is an unhealthy habit. There are couples who watch porn to get started. Watching porn is okay only until you get started. Once you get started, your partner demands your entire attention. Watching porn can distract your mind. This could lead to a lot of psychological problems with your partner. Hence most people feel it is good to watch porn to get aroused, it could lead to a lot of problems. Instead, read articles on the Internet about how to give your partner the most of pleasure and you won’t need porn anymore. Also, most people try to copy the unimaginable positions featured in a porn video. Although this could be a normal instinct, remember that it could put your partner really uncomfortable. The most essential part of a healthy sex life is ensuring the comfort of your partner.


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