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How Vital is Brain Health & Best Natural Supplements for Brain


Brain is undoubtedly the most important part of the human body, but it is often left uncared. Being physically fit is the priority of everyone these days but ignoring brain health is not a good choice. Good health can be only counted when you are physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It is a matter of concern how people ignore holistic health. If there is no control and coordination between these two healths, Ability to think and feel will get hampered? And that’s what we humans do, we can think and feel and that’s why we are different from others.

Brain Health


Brain health can be understood by very small things we do in our life as our ability to think, understand and function well in our daily life. By making decisions, memories, harmony with mind and body, controlling emotions, success, love, facing failure, handling and dealing with problems when they arrive So basically, everything we do for our living and surviving is directly connected to brain health.


Brain health is all we have, it is the most important thing. Imagine not being able to understand anything right now, it is our ability to cope with stress and enjoy our life, it’s how you feel, relate to others, act and think.

Brain is the command center for the nervous system and enables all the senses and action of our body.

We do what our brain asks us to do. If our brain health is impaired, we will not be able to perform our daily life activities. Our brain along with the spinal cord makes the central nervous system which is responsible for controlling every small part of our body from our existence to death by balancing all the sensory functions.

Scientific studies show how an unhealthy brain affects mental health and how mental illness occurs.

There are certain brain areas which are responsible for your mental health and they are:-

  • We are all familiar with neurons (working units of the brain) brain cells which are responsible for passing messages to brain cells through electrical impulses.
  • Chemical messengers called neurotransmitters help spread messages to the brain and different parts of the body.
  • There are fear areas in the brain (amygdala) that help us to avoid harmful things and move away from danger. And control your response to fearful activities.
  • (Prefrontal cortex) helps recall memories, make decisions, control response.
  • Controlling of emotions, focusing on task (anterior cingulate gyrus).
  • New memories are stored in (hippocampus).
  • And when there is a problem with these processes it results in brain disorders known as mental illness.

Other factors that control mental illness

  1. Hormone’s of our body.
  2. Drug abuse.
  3. Stressful events.
  4. Heart disease
  5. Genetic (family history).
  6. Brain injury.


When there is imbalance in chemical messengers’ neurons face problems passing message to the brain, impulses are not formed in other neurons. Some important chemicals messengers responsible for brain health.

  • Glutamate – schizophrenia, depression, autism, , OCD, Alzheimer
  • Serotonin—hunger, sleep, mood, depression
  • Dopamine – controls movement and feelings, schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson disease.

And so, it is important to take care of your brain health.


Brain is a powerful organ and is responsible for making your body process properly and for that it requires energy and we get it from food. Eating nutrient rich food promotes brain function and memory. Some brain friendly foods are —

  • Almond – Vit E, helps with memory.
  • Cauliflower, Sprouts – antioxidants, potassium ,protect clogging.
  • Tomatoes – lysopine, improves memory, depression.
  • Walnuts – and other nuts, Omega 3, help with memory and brain health.
  • Coconut oil – natural fats, brain power , triglycerides.
  • Turmeric – brain power, alzheimer.
  • Spinach & Greens – vitamin k, memory loss.
  • Barley – memory booster.
  • Dark chocolate – increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Coffee – helps in proper functioning of brain.
  • Berries – anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fruits -Rich in vitamins keeps brain cells healthy. Oranges ,guava, strawberries, bananas.


Ayurveda cures the root problem, not just symptoms. Holistic medicine aims to restore health by understanding the underlying causes of the diseases. It strives to attack the root causes and detoxifying, cleansing, strengthening body tissues and balancing the body, ensuring complete cure.

  1. BRAHMI – Balances chemicals in the brain and fights many diseases by protecting cells , helps with learning and memory, Alzheimer , anxiety and many more .
  2. GOTU KOLA – Works on nerve function, enhance memory and has soothing properties.
  3. BOSWELLIA – Anti-inflammatory, edema, tumors.
  4. ASHWAGANDHA – Helps manage stress, boost brain function, lower blood sugar ,fights anxiety and depression.
  5. GUGGULU – reduce brain aging and induce antistress and memory enhancing effects.
  6. SHANKHPUSHPI – reduces mental fatigue, depression, headache, insomnia.


Planet Ayurveda offers a complete pack of ayurvedic herbs blended together to give a holistic health to your brain and body AYURVEDA blends our modern lifestyle and health-oriented habits with the ancient wisdom of using natural substances, medicines and herbs to help us lead a healthy, happy, stress-free and disease-free life. It contains:-

  1. Brahmi Capsules
  2. Gotu Kola Capsules
  3. Neuro Plan Syrup
  4. Boswellia Curcumin
  5. Ashwagandha Capsules


  • MEDITATION- Manage your stress levels , self-awareness, focusing, patience , skills building.
  • YOGA– Provides positive effects to brain functions, prevent brain health.
  • DIET AND NUTRITION– Proper amount of Vit, minerals, fat, protein, calories, water helps in a holistic way.
  • EXERCISE– Benefits of exercise are not unknown to us, helps for overall functioning of the body.
  • QUIT SMOKING– Will lower stress levels and give you a quality of life , you feel brain fog, irritable, anxious because of nicotine receptors in the brain.
  • GET QUALITY SLEEP– Removes toxins from the brain, manage stress levels, 7 to 8 hours should be considered.
  • DO WHAT YOU LOVE– Enjoy your work and make you positive, focus, find your strength, reach your goal.
  • HEALTHY HEART– Maintain a healthy heart, heart rate, energy levels, cholesterol, recovery rate.


Your brain works throughout your life and controls every function of your body. Maintaining a healthy brain will keep your mind clear and will help you be active the whole day work ,sleep , eat repeat .For every small function of our body a good brain health is important which will maintain a harmony between mind and body . With age, unhealthy diet and lifestyle we are moving more toward mental illness. Staying mentally fit can require a little more effort from your side but will be worth it as we grow. Hence keeping the brain healthy is a must. By the help of Ayurveda herbs and spices one can aim towards a better health, can help protect your body from diseases and offer a variety of health benefits, including improved brain health. In case of any query kindly visit . For more queries, you can send your queries to our email id

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