How Mobile Towers affect the Health of Humans as well as Biodiversity, Especially Birds?


Advancement in technology ensued to such an extreme level in the last decade that it turns into an essential segment of our daily routine. The situation now is that one can live without food but can’t take a single breath without using mobile phones or the Internet. The sim & Networks that we use on our Mobiles, are able to run well only because of the mobile towers. Mobile towers send and receive signals from our mobile which makes us able to talk on the phone and use the internet. From this point of view, mobile towers are very good for all, but there are some other aspects also, which are dreadful for all species of living organisms and give very bad effects to our environment. Actually, mobile towers continuously release an invisible trap of electromagnetic radiations in our environment which threatens the life of living species around them. Let us discuss their bad effects on our Biodiversity here.


Electromagnetic radiation coming from mobile towers affects humans as well as birds very badly. These radiations not only come from mobile towers, but also get released by radio, and television towers in the environment. But mobile towers are a major source of spreading electromagnetic radiation. These radiations are ubiquitous but invisible to the eyes of humans. Before this modern wireless technology, electromagnetic radiations in the environment were limited to radio and television towers only. But with the continuous advancement in wireless technology, electromagnetic radiations are increasing very heavily in the air. The mobile phones are now present at every home or in every individual’s pocket which is the cause to a large level. India’s total population is more than about 1.2 billion; there are more than half million mobile towers, and over 900 million mobile users in India. Let’s see effects of Mobile towers on humans, biodiversity and especially on birds.

Mobile Towers

Effects of Mobile Towers on Humans

Increased number of mobile towers put the health of humans in the shadow of danger. The disorders which can occur due to electromagnetic radiations in humans are

  • Neurodegenerative Disorders such as Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson’s disease
  • Skin Defects (itchiness, pain, edema and erythema can occur to skin)
  • Immunity Impairment (immunity system fights with various disease-causing germs)
  • Cancer
  • Tumors of Hearing Nerve
  • Reduce in Melatonin (melatonin is important in protecting body from cancer, arthritis, eye stress, renal impairment, sleep disorders, depression, miscarriage, leukemia, reproductive diseases and several neurological diseases)
  • Melanoma in Eye (prolonged exposure of radiations lead to microscopic or macroscopic damage to eye lens)
  • Damage to Genes (lead to genetic disorder)
  • Feel of Tingling in Head (sensation of ringing bells)
  • Loss of Memory
  • Tumors in Brain
  • DNA damage or Alteration in DNA
  • Fatigue (feeling of unwell or weakness)
  • Stress in Cardiovascular System (lead to heart disorders)
  • Disturbed Electrical Activity of Brain
  • Headache
  • Spoiled Blood Brain Barrier
  • Effect reproductive system (such as decreasing semen count in males)

Effects of Mobile Towers on Biodiversity Especially on Birds

Biodiversity of India is vast. India has approx 7% flora and 6.5% fauna that means there are 45,000 plant species and 91,000 species of animals present here. India is listed in the top seventeen diverse countries of the world. Around 1230 species total of 10,000 species worldwide can be found in India. But electromagnetic fields, change in climate, and increasing pollution are becoming the reasons to threaten 13% of the world’s total species. Whole biodiversity is in danger due to mobile towers but there is increased risk especially for birds. Following given effects are made on birds by mobile towers

  • Radiations going out from our mobiles are the reason for huge increase in disintegration of colonies made by bees all over the world.
  • Radiations interrupt the navigation system of bees and make them trouble in returning to their hives.
  • Insects like Indian palm squirrels have disappeared from India due to increased levels of Electromagnetic radiation in the air.
  • Radiations of mobile towers badly affect the reproductive system of sparrows. That is the reason they are decreasing in urban areas day by day.
  • Electromagnetic fields can cause thin egg shells and thin skull
  • Various species of birds become lesser due to harmful radiations coming from mobile towers.

According to a survey, there were less number of mobile towers in 2006 and more birds could be available to see in our environment, but due to increased number of mobile towers, the trap of radiations is increased and no. of birds decreased. Take a look following data

    Birds        Year -2006     Year- 2020
Woodpecker             20              5
Peacock             50             10
Eagle             50             25
Wild pigeon             75             50
Sparrow             25             10
Cuckoo             25             15
Wild duck             25             10
Crow            150           100
Parrot             55             20
Total            475            245

Solutions to Avoid Negative Effects of Mobile Tower

  • There should be at least one-kilometer distance between two towers. This helps in preventing overlapping two high radiation fields.
  • Mobile towers should be built above the height of 80 feet, but below the height of 200 feet. Height more than 200 feet makes trouble in aviation.
  • Warning signs and Danger signs should be marked near the mobile towers.
  • Radiation limit of mobile towers should be instructed to mobile companies by the government.
  • Anti-radiation pouches should be used.
  • Make use of receivers to reduce radiation level in mobile.
  • Avoid long duration calls on mobile phones.
  • Mobile towers should be established far from the populated area.

What is the Need for us?

As in the above discussion, it is very clear to a great extent that humans are mainly responsible for this calamity also. We need to stop playing with nature, and start to live in harmony with it. Biodiversity is necessary for the Planet as our body parts necessary for a healthy life. We need to maintain a balance between both internal and external environments only then we can have a safer planet ahead. Moreover, use of Mobile phones have a lot of adverse effects on human’s health as well, some of these effects can be

  • Hearing Loss due to the radiations of phone while it is in use continuously for a long term
  • Weak Eyes due to excess use of screens
  • Lifestyle diseases because of less physical workout
  • More confusions less face to face interactions with friends and family which increases the risk of Depression, and Stress


Mobile phones and mobile towers are necessary for communication and have become an unavoidable part of our life. But, new advancements and extreme usage of mobiles threatens the life of various species including Humans. The effects of electromagnetic radiations can be observed after long duration of regular contact with radiations. Mobile companies never agree with the issue that health problems can be raised by mobile towers. Organizations like WHO, TRAI, FCC should decide radiation limits of mobile towers to reduce harmful effects of them on humans, birds and overall biodiversity.

Restrict your Phone and Improve Your Health.

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