Lichen Amyloidosis

Lichen Amyloidosis

How to Treat Primary Cutaneous Lichen Amyloidosis Naturally

Primary Cutaneous Lichen Amyloidosis is a rare condition in which there is a deposition of amyloid in the dermis layer of the skin without systemic involvement. The term amyloid means the extracellular proteinaceous deposits that are resistant to the proteolytic digestion and has distinctive physical properties. These protein deposits can be localized to a body site or can be systemic in nature involving several organs and tissues.

In primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis, the deposition of amyloid occurs in previously apparent normal skin with no evidence of deposits occurring in the internal organs.

The Term Primary Cutaneous Amyloidosis Generally Includes:

  • Macular Amyloidosis (MA)
  • Lichen Amyloidosis (LA)
  • Nodular Amyloidosis (NA)

Lichen Amyloidosis (LA) is a different manifestation of the same disease process which is characterized by the closely set, discrete, brown-red papules that are commonly seen on the legs especially on the shins and often shows scaling. They may also occur anywhere else. The lesions of lichen amyloidosis itch severely.

What are the Symptoms of Primary Cutaneous Lichen Amyloidosis?

  • Lichen Amyloidosis (LA) is associated with severe itching (pruritis).
  • There are hyperpigmented rashes which are predominantly seen on the shin of the lower leg.
  • In rare cases, due to excessive scratching bleeding may occur and lesions are formed which are painful.
  • A patient who is suffering from other skin conditions such as lichen planus, fungal infections or atopic dermatitis has higher chances of developing this condition.
Lichen Amyloidosis
Lichen Amyloidosis

Diagnosis and Treatment

The differential diagnosis of lichen amyloidosis includes:

  • Adnexal structures and blood vessels are not invaded in lichen amyloidosis but are invaded in other types of amyloidosis.
  • Lichenification of the skin from chronic scratching.
  • Pruritic nodules on the extensor surfaces of arms and legs.
  • Skin coloured papules which are characteristically located on the dorsa of the hands and distal forearms.
  • Inflammatory skin conditions of the lower extremities which are related to chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Thickened and furrowed skin due to chronic sun exposure.
  • Lichen planus which is characterized by the papules with a white lacy appearance on mucosal surfaces.

Skin biopsy and histological investigations are usually suggested when suspected with lichen amyloidosis.


Modern treatment of lichen amyloidosis generally involves the prescription of corticosteroid creams, anti-histamines, dermabrasion (removal of superficial layers of the skin) and in severe cases there is an excision of the individual lesion but recurrence is common. The prolonged use of such medicines is also not recommended.

What is the Cause of Primary Cutaneous Lichen Amyloidosis According to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, the cause of primary cutaneous lichen amyloidosis is the accumulation of endotoxins or Ama in the body. Further, the vitiation of Kapha dosha is also responsible for this condition.

ancient reference
ancient reference

(Reference: Ashtang Hridyam Sutrasthanam, Chapter No. 11, Shloka No. 7)

Meaning: In this shloka, the effects of an increase in Kapha dosha are explained. It causes weak digestive activity, excessive salivation, laziness, feeling of heaviness, white discolouration, coldness, looseness of the body parts, asthma, cold cough, and excess sleep.

How to Treat Primary Cutaneous Lichen Amyloidosis Naturally?

Planet Ayurveda offers herbal remedies that aim at removing the toxins in a natural way, controlling the inflammatory process thereby reducing itching, burning and further spread of the lichen spots.

Planet Ayurveda offers Amyloidosis Care Pack for the treatment. These include:

  1. Aamvatantak Churna
  2. Boswellia Curcumin Capsules
  3. Arogyavardhini Vati
  4. Aloe Vitals
  5. Navkarshik Churna

1. Aamvatantak Churna

  1. Aamvatantak Churna is a blend of powerful herbs that work effectively for reducing the inflammation. All the herbs present in this churna are anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant in nature. This churna also removes Ama formation or endotoxins within the system therefore quite effective for the treatment of primary cutaneous lichen amyloidosis.

Ingredients of Aamvatantak Churna are:

Sr. No. Herb Used English Name Botanical Name Parts Used Quantity
1. Ashwagandha Winter Cherry Withania somnifera Roots 40 gm
2. Methi Fenugreek Trigonella foenum graecum Seeds 15 gm
3. Suranjaan Autumn crocus Colchicum automnale Roots 15 gm
4. Gorakhmundi Rice field weed Sphaeranthus indicus Roots 10 gm
5. Haridra Turmeric Curcuma longa Rhizome 15 gm
6. Sonth Dry ginger Zingiber officinale Rhizome 5 gm

Dose: Take1 teaspoonful twice daily with plain water after half an hour of taking meals.

2. Boswellia Curcumin

These capsules by Planet Ayurveda are prepared using the standardized extracts of the two herbs Boswellia serrata and Curcuma longa. Both these herbs are anti-inflammatory in nature which help in reducing the swelling and improve blood circulation. These capsules have immune-modulatory properties as well. Therefore, these capsules are very effective to withstand the symptoms of primary cutaneous lichen amyloidosis.

Dose: Take 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after taking meals.

3. Arogyavardhini Vati

Aarogyavardhini Vati is a classical Ayurvedic herbal mineral preparation which is effective in almost all kinds of disorders such as heart, liver, intestines, spleen, gall bladder, skin etc. It is also useful in edema due to any underlying cause. These tablets are quite effective in the treatment of primary cutaneous lichen amyloidosis as flushes out the accumulated proteins from the body. Thus, the symptoms such as swelling in the ankles, feet, weakness, fatigue etc. These tablets also provide nutrition to the body.

Dose: Take 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after taking meals.

4. Aloe Vitals

Planet Ayurveda uses the pure and standardized extract of the herb Aloe barbandensis for the preparation of aloe vitals capsules. This herb is commonly known as ‘Ghrit Kumari’. This herb has detoxifying properties and it is an excellent herb for the overall health of an individual. Due to the presence of high amount of anti-oxidants, it helps in flushing out the accumulated toxins and proteins. Therefore, these capsules provide relief to the patients of primary cutaneous lichen amyloidosis in a natural way.

Dose: Take 2 capsules twice daily with plain water.

5. Navkarshik Churna

  1. Planet Ayurveda’s Navkarshik Churna is an excellent combination of dried extracts of various herbs that act as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and remove the accumulated proteins and also help in clearing the channels. This churna is also useful in the purification of the blood and improves metabolism as well.

Ingredients of Navkarshik Churna are:

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Parts Quantity
1. Amla Emblica officinalis Fruits 22.22 gm
2. Haritaki Terminalia chebula Fruits 22.22 gm
3. Bahera Terminalia bellerica Fruits 22.22 gm
4. Vacha Acorus calamus Roots 22.22 gm
5. Neem Azadirachta indica Leaves 22.22 gm
6. Manjistha Rubia cordifolia Whole 22.22 gm
7. Katuki Picrorrhiza kurroa Stem 22.22 gm
8. Giloy Tinospora cordifolia Stem 22.22 gm
9. Daruhaldi Berberis aristata Rhizome 22.22 gm

Dose: 1 teaspoon twice daily after half an hour of taking meals.

Precaution: As friction is known to cause lichen amyloidosis and can aggravate this condition, therefore any rubbing or scratching of the skin should be strictly avoided.

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