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Gym Still Closed? These Are the Best Home Workout Options


The Best Home Workouts to Try During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Description: Still waiting to go to the gym? You can stay fit and healthy at home by embracing these workout tips. Find the best ideas to exercise without equipment. And, if you want to keep it consistent, you can find affordable equipment for your home workout.

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With the pandemic raging on, you’re probably wondering what options are available for workout besides going to the gym. You don’t want to come out of the pandemic worse off physically because you cannot go to the gym. 

Home workout is a safer option when the gyms are closed or even when they’re opened and your schedule cannot allow you to go to the gym. If you’re used to attending workout classes, switching to workout from home can feel hard at first. But don’t worry as there are solutions that can quite accurately fill the place of your gym classes. Here are a few you should try.

Home Workout Apps and Videos

The easiest way to start your at-home workout routine is by using instructor-led videos. When you cannot visit the gym, prerecorded or live videos, which are typically 20 to 45 minutes long, can help you stay in shape. Most of these home workout ideas don’t require complex fitness equipment, making it easy to embrace workout at home. 

The videos often require a subscription, but you can also find many providers who offer free lessons. You could also consult with your gym to know if they offer such a program as most gyms nowadays offer both in-person and online workout classes.

Individual Personal Trainers

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You could also get home workout gym classes by hiring an individual personal trainer, who will assess your needs and customize your training for the best results. This is a more effective solution as the trainer can obtain vital data about your training to help you understand what you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

You can find many of these personal trainers on platforms such as Instagram, where they usually offer free tips. You could either schedule visits to your home or agree on an online system that will deliver live classes.  

Home Gym Investment 

Working out from home does not mean you should switch your routine. You could maintain your workout routine by acquiring a few of the home workout equipment you need to stay on top of your gym classes. Finding the best home gym equipment does not have to cost you a lot as many sites offer discounted prices on quality equipment. 

Most equipment is compatible with devices such as smartwatches, so even if it’s a significant investment, you will reap big returns from an effective workout that will deliver the results you want. You could begin with some basic workout equipment, which should cost you under 100 dollars. Equipment-free workouts are good, but you will do more if you add some equipment in the mix.

Full Body Cardio 


If you want home workout cardio that is effective, you could try a routine that cycles through moves that help your core, legs, and shoulders. A treadmill would be a perfect tool to help you get started, and if you don’t have a treadmill, a jump rope could come in handy. But don’t do too many reps. Reps of about 30 seconds on the jump rope with time to rest will work excellently.


You could still stay in shape when the gyms are closed. All you need is to pick a home workout solution that can replicate your experience in the gym. There are plenty of options, including workout apps and videos. If you have the budget, also consider acquiring equipment for your home gym.

Do you have more tips for people looking to stay in shape when the gyms are closed? Leave us a comment. 

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