Home Remedies for Asthma

Best Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disorder which is caused by excess inflammation in the airways. Nowadays, it is one of the major diseases that cause more medical emergencies. In Ayurveda, it is termed as ‘Tamaka Shwas’ and is caused due to increased Kapha dosha which can obstruct the channels of the respiratory system and imbalanced the function of the respiratory system.

Asthma occurs due to increased intake of dry, cold, heavy, incompatible food, excessive consumption of black gram, beans, exposure to dust, cold environment, etc which ultimately causes mild to severe symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing, chest tightness, sweating, thick mucus sputum, etc.

In Ayurveda, several medicinal plants are there to heal asthma from its root cause like Vasa, Shunthi, Haridra, Pushkarmool, etc and also many home remedies are mentioned in Ayurveda, which is free from side effects, easily available and can used on regular basis.

We recommended some of the best and effective home remedies to cure all the symptoms of asthma and can be used by any person. If you follow the given home remedies will surely get rid off the condition of asthma naturally.

  • Garlic – You should consider turning to garlic if you are looking for home remedies that provide quick relief from asthma symptoms. One way to take garlic for asthma is to boil 10-12 cloves in half a cup of water and drinking it once a day. This wonderful remedy has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which make it a miracle worker against asthma. Studies and evidence suggest that garlic is good for not only reducing but also cure asthma symptoms over time.
  • Honey – Honey is considered as one of the oldest natural remedies for asthma and tons of other breathing or respiratory problems, it clears phlegm from throat and passageways thus allow you to breathe better. Consuming honey before going to bed can help you to provide a good sleep at night along with a peaceful chest and throat in the morning.
  • Mustard Oil – The oil of mustard seeds can help you during asthma attacks by relieving pressure and opening up the passageways leading to the lungs. It improves the overall functioning of your lungs. For this, you can simply massage warm mustard seed oil onto your chest multiple times till you feel relief from all the symptoms. You can also Heat the oil with a little camphor which makes the remedy more beneficial as well as a soothing home treatment for asthma and asthma attacks. Make sure it is warm when you apply it to your chest and make sure you massage thoroughly.
  • Turmeric – One of the main components of turmeric is a phytochemical called curcumin. It affects histamines (causes inflammation) and relieves the inflammation of the airways. Turmeric is a very effective home remedy as it also contains anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. You can consume turmeric along with water, and ensure to repeat it thrice a day for 10-14 days.
  • Onion – Onion is a very effective home remedy as it turns off the symptoms of asthma due to its pungent smell. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion help you to get rid of the blocked or stuffy airways. Add onion to your diet, chop a few slices of raw onion with your food. Use this home remedy daily for getting better results in asthma.
  • Cinnamon powder – Cinnamon powder has many wonderful effects and is considered as the best home remedy to treat the asthma from its root cause. Consuming half a teaspoon of this wonderful remedy would pave way for a good sleep in the night without getting affected by breathlessness issues caused by asthma.
  • Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek seeds acts as an excellent expectorant in cases of asthma. You have to consume this effective mixture by made out of 1 teaspoon each of honey and ginger juice along with one cup of water in which fenugreek was soaked overnight. Take this effective remedy both in the morning and evening.
  • Radish – Soup made out of radish, honey, and lemon juice may be made by blending the mentioned ingredients. Regular consumption of the mixture at least ten grams is beneficial for asthma patients. The medicinally enriched herbal remedy will serve to excrete mucus and detoxify the respiratory tract.

Use these home remedies for best & effective results in asthma.

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