लहसुन के आयुर्वेदिक गुण

Health Benefits of Garlic

In almost every kitchen in India, garlic is used to enhance the taste of the food. If the garlic is mixed in the food, the taste of the food is different. In Ayurveda, garlic has been considered as the panacea of ​​many serious diseases. Daily intake of garlic helps in curing many diseases and increases the immunity of the body. In ancient times, people used to fight sickness & nbsp; Used to eat garlic bud on an empty stomach in the morning. According to Ayurveda practice, consuming garlic on an empty stomach in the morning has proven to eliminate hundreds of diseases in the body. & Nbsp; Lahsun is known for its medicinal properties. Lahsun is found in plenty of important properties like antiviral, antibacterial, antiallergic, antioxidant, anticancer which helps in keeping your body free from diseases. Garlic’s flavor would have been hot and pungent, its properties should protect your body from harmful infections. & Nbsp; In this article we will learn about the Ayurvedic properties of garlic Prove to be important in eliminating diseases.

Ayurvedic properties of garlic

ancient reference

Annotation –  In this verse it is said that garlic is metallic, emollient, balsamic, thermodynamic, digestive and cranes, and it is bitter and sweet in juices and pak, with sharp, broken bones, beneficial for the throat, guru, bile and blood booster , Is a chemical that is beneficial for the brain and eyes, producing the force and ulcers in the body.

Reference- Bhavaprakash Nighantu, (Haritakyadivarg), Shloka-221-2222.

Let us know the Ayurvedic properties which can cure the diseases of garlic

1. Help to balance high blood pressure

Nowadays, due to the rush of life and excessive work, the problem of hypertension has become common in people and many medicines are taken to overcome this problem. & nbsp; And use harmful chemicals but do not get any rest. If you are suffering from a harmful disease of high blood pressure, then it may prove beneficial to consume garlic regularly. The rich amount of beneficial properties like antibacterial and antioxidant inside the body It is helpful in balancing the blood pressure inside the body. You get very quick benefits on regular 3 to 4 garlic buds on regular morning by eating on an empty stomach.

2. Help to remove sugar

Due to poor routine of people and wrong eating habits, diseases go home very quickly in the body and one of them is sugar disease. This disease weakens the person inside. According to Ayurveda Regular intake plays an important role in balancing the amount of sugar in the body. Garlic is helpful in reducing the amount of sugar in the body and the body is deadly like diabetes. The remains of Imari.

3. Remove cough, cold and cold

According to a research, during the change of seasons, many diseases also start, such as cough, cold, cold, bad pain etc. To remove all these harmful diseases, it is beneficial to consume garlic daily. Garlic has plenty of beneficial properties such as anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants which can help your body to get relief from diseases like cough, cold and cold. Prove effective in keeping the damage.

4. Beneficial in heart diseases

Nowadays, you do not even know how harmful food, fast food is causing damage to your body. Consumption of this food can cause heart diseases like heart attack, loss of heartbeat, high blood pressure etc. If you want to keep your heart free from diseases, it is beneficial to consume garlic. For this, you should eat 3 to 4 buds of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning. Body than the sum of cardiovascular diseases is going to balance the amount of blood.

5. Beneficial in arthritis

According to a research Abstract bones in the body. Garlic is useful in removing weakness and strengthening the muscles. If you are suffering from unbearable pain of arthritis of joint disease then you should get 2 to 3 garlic buds with honey before sleep at night & nbsp; It is beneficial in arthritis. If you use this regularly, then your arthritis disease ends quickly.

6. Help to increase immunity

Garlic has an abundance of beneficial properties such as antioxidants, which help in removing harmful bacteria from the bladder through the body. The daily use of garlic in food is supposed to relieve your stress. Garlic should be consumed regularly to keep the body safe from diseases and increase the body’s power to fight diseases.

7. Keep the liver healthy

Due to wrong eating, inflammation in the liver of people can be beneficial for them. Consuming proper amount of garlic daily can prove to be beneficial. According to a research, the anti-oxidant properties found inside garlic remove liver disease. Along with this, it is also helpful in keeping the liver healthy. For the use of garlic, you should consume 2 to 3 black honey before going to bed at night. Area remains safe.

8. Beneficial in skin diseases

Garlic proved effective in removing any type of skin related disease & nbsp; Garlic contains abundant amounts of anti-bacterial and anti-allergens which is effective in protecting your body from harmful infections and itching, shingles etc. 3 black garlic should be consumed.

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