हेपेटाइटिस बी

हेपेटाइटिस बी

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hepatitis B

According to Ayurveda medicine, Hepatitis B disease is a liver disease similar to jaundice. Many symptoms of this harmful disease & nbsp; Can be like in the head repeatedly & nbsp; Too much pain, fever recurring, vomiting, skin disease, stress & nbsp; Etc. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, Hepatitis B can prove to be harmful to the liver, it spreads to one another with a fatal infection of Hepatitis B in the body. & Nbsp; If this disease is not known in time, then later & nbsp; Life-threatening illnesses such as psoriasis and liver cancer can occur due to which human beings die until death. & Nbsp; .According to modern medical research today 256 million worldwide & nbsp; Crore & nbsp; People Hepatitis B is afflicted with life-threatening illness. If during this disease sex is formed, the child is fed mother’s milk and contaminated blood is offered. & Nbsp; The disease spreads. Some of the main symptoms can be frequent headaches, body aches, constipation, abdominal pain and extreme fatigue. About herbal remedies to remove hepatitis B will receive detailed information.

Let’s know about Ayurvedic remedies to cure this disease

1. Bhumi Amla is a beneficial medicine

According to Ayurvedic medicine Bhumi Amla antiviral and antibacterial & nbsp; It is full of properties that are helpful in keeping you safe from harmful diseases like Hepatitis B. You can use 1 teaspoon of this & nbsp; 1 teaspoon inside Amla juice & nbsp; When mixed with honey, regularly, it is beneficial in keeping blood circulation inside the body as well as safe from hepatitis B disease.

ancient reference

Explanation – It is said in the verse that Bhoomi Amla is rich in spicy, astringent and sweet juices, keeps Vata cool, semen cool and cravings, cough. , Pitta dosha, blood disorders, Kaphadosha, itching and removes body damage. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Reference – Bhavaprakashanighantu (Guduchyadivarg), Verse-26.

2. Best remedy for ginger intake

If you want your body to be protected from fatal diseases like Hepatitis B, then you should consume ginger daily for this. According to Ayurveda, for a person suffering from Hepatitis B & nbsp; Taking 1 cup of ginger decoction regularly on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial.

ancient reference

Explanation – This verse states that ginger keeps the balance of vata and kapha dosha, reduces inflammation, eliminates constipation, cures diseases of throat and cold, Bitter, hot, increases appetite, increases strength and is considered a good medicine in heart diseases.

Reference – Dhanvantari Nighantu, (Suvarnadivarg), Shloka-8 |

3. Neem is a beneficial medicine

There is a saying in Ayurveda for Neem that Sarva Rogi Nivarani, that is, curing all diseases. According to Ayurvedic medicine Neem is found in plenty of antibacterial properties which helps in protecting the body from diseases like Hepatitis B. Proves. Use of neem kills harmful bacteria from liver. Preparation of neem leaf extracts for its use in the morning By drinking 1 cup of extracts daily, your body is protected from Hepatitis B disease. Daily use of this experiment is helpful in ending Hepatitis B very quickly.

4. Use of Arjun is also helpful

In Ayurveda, Arjuna plant is known for curing diseases related to bladder and heart diseases. Antioxidants inside ArjunT property is found that protects your body from Hepatitis B infection. For its use, you need to take a decoction of Arjun’s bark daily on an empty stomach in the morning. It is beneficial in curing Hepatitis B.

Interpretation – This verse is taken from the Vatadivarga of Bhavaprakash Nighantu, the text of Ayurveda.

In this verse, the qualities of the Arjuna tree have been described, in this verse it is said that Arjuna Kashaya is juicy, cool, beneficial for the heart and damage, poison, blood disorders, fattening, pomegranate, phlegm, vata, pitta Destroys.

Reference- Bhavaprakash Nighantu (Vatadivarga), Verse-26.

5. Mulethi is a beneficial herb

According to Ayurvedic medicine, antioxidant and antibacterial properties are found in abundance in Mulethi & nbsp; Which are beneficial in eliminating Hepatitis B infection inside your body. For this use, preparing a decoction of liquorice and taking it on empty stomach in the morning is helpful in curing Hepatitis B infection.

Interpretation – This verse states that Mulethi is cold, Guru, melodious, beneficial for the eyes, powerful and keeps the ulcers beautiful, semen, beneficial for hair, tone correcting, Keeps the balance of pitta and vata and eliminates blood diseases, ulcers, inflammation, toxin, vomiting, thirst, guilt and tuberculosis.

Reference – Bhavaprakash Nighantu, (Haritakyadivarga), Verse -16.

6. Use of turmeric is useful

Turmeric is found in plenty of antioxidant properties which are beneficial in keeping the liver healthy and curing diseases in your body. If you are suffering from Hepatitis B, then you should use turmeric in food in more quantity. According to Ayurveda, turmeric is considered helpful in increasing the body’s power to fight against diseases.

Interpretation – This verse states that turmeric is bitter and ticterous, balances raksha, temperament, phlegm and bile, brightens body color and curbs skin, Blood disorder is a deficiency of blood and eliminates ulcers. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Reference – Bhavaprakash, (Haritakyadivarg), Shlok-1949.

7. Garlic is also beneficial

In Ayurveda, garlic has been considered rich in many medicinal properties. Amino acids are found in plenty in garlic. It helps in eliminating the harmful infection of Hepatitis B very quickly inside your body. For use, you should eat 2 to 3 buds of garlic daily on an empty stomach. This helps in keeping the body safe from diseases as well as to keep the liver strong. The Aik.

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