What Steps are Involved in Filling a Tooth?

A dental filling is a way to restore your tooth damaged due to decay or accident or trauma. A dental filling is done in the very initial stages and is usually done to take control of the cavity so that the case does not exceed and lead to RCT or extraction.

Along with restoring the tooth, it also helps to improve the jaw structure and also helps in overcoming the problem of tooth sensitivity.

The treatment of dental filling is quite simple and can be done in 5 steps. The procedure starts from the point you visit a dentist. Once you visit your dentist with an issue of pain in the tooth, he/she will examine you thoroughly and after taking a few X-Rays will begin this process of dental filling.

Step 1

Numb the Area

If you are afraid of visiting a dentist with a thought in mind that all dental procedures hurt, then you need not to worry. Your dentist will first numb the area where the filling is required. This is done to ensure that the treatment is painless. This is especially for the patients who have a fear of pain as this procedure can also be done without the anesthesia. But the doctors these days do not rely on the principle of doing it without the anesthesia. For patients who fear the needles, a special gel is applied to the area to make t comfortable for the patient when the needle is used.

Step 2

Prepare Tooth

The next step is to prepare the tooth. The tooth preparation requires certain steps such as your dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth where the procedure is to be initiated. The rubber dam keeps the area dry and prevents the spread of bacteria. Because this procedure might take some time therefore sometimes the dentist place a bite block that helps the jaw to rest while the procedure is getting done.

Step 3

Decay Removal

Once your tooth is all ready for the procedure, your dentist will begin with removing the decay from the position it is in. This they will do with the help of high-speed handpiece called the dental drill. It is very important to have a proper measurement of the area to be drilled as the cavity needs to be completely out of the tooth. After cleaning the area, a handpiece with slower speed is used to refine the tooth. in this process, a dental assistant would be required to suction the debris and moisture out.

Step 4

Fill the Area with Filling

After the decay is cleared from the tooth surface, it is now the time to get the area filled with the desired filling. The advancement in dentistry has bought in various options for the filling material. It is up to the patient what material do they use. The placement depends upon the type of filling used. For example, if you opt for an amalgam filling, then it must be mixed well with very high speed. If the filling is composite, then an acidic gel will be applied first to improve the bond. Once it is placed a light which is called as a curing light is used to harden the material for better working.

Step 5

Final Touch

To ensure that the depth of the filling is on point your dentist will use carbon paper to check the height. It is then adjusted and is given a final touch.

The process of dental filling normally takes a few hours or maybe less. It is not a complicated procedure, hence, it is a no panic condition and nothing to be feared about.

As soon as you feel that there is a need to get your teeth fixed, visit your nearest dental clinic as ignoring it for long can lead to rct treatment.

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