Health Benefits of Turmeric or Curcumin

Miraculous Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric

Overview on Turmeric

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering plant also known as Indian saffron or golden spice, a plant with many uses, the roots (Curcuma longa) of this plant are used for cooking since time immortal in the Indian subcontinent.

Primarily it is cultivated in Bengal and other parts of India like Punjab and Haryana. These days it is grown in China, Taiwan, Java, Peru, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Australia.

The active ingredient known as curcumin has miraculous properties, which is the major reason behind its tremendous activities. Turmeric contains antibiotic, anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Health Benefits and Uses of Turmeric

Uses and Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is used in many Hindu rituals and also used as a dye to dye holy robes. Being natural, unsynthesized and cheap. It is one of the cheapest spices, which has many advantages to cure many problems.

Around 4000 years back, This holy herb was used as a culinary spice with religious significance.

The name Turmeric derives from Latin “terra merita” as it is referred to the color of ground turmeric, which resembles a mineral pigment. Many languages refer and give a name to this plant as “Yellow root”.

It is an underground stem of a ginger-like plant. The whole turmeric is a tuberous rhizome with rough segmented skin. The rhizome is yellowish-brown with a dull orange interior, which changes its color when powdered from orange to yellow.

Chemical constituent, curcumin in turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammation is the key factor in developing conditions like diseases of heart, diabetes, Alzheimer`s disease and cancer.

It soothes problems like Osteoarthritis, knee pain and improves the functions of joints in people who are suffering from osteoarthritis.

Pain Reliever:

It has the properties to reduce the pain. Studies show that as a pain reliever it has the same effects on the body as Ibuprofen for reducing the pain.

Turmeric Milk:

Turmeric milk is just simple milk and prepared by adding some powder of dried turmeric into it and the milk should be of cow`s fresh milk, which is preferable than buffalo`s milk. It helps in wound healing and reducing inflammation in the body.

Effective on wounds:

Antiseptic and Antibiotic properties of Turmeric can help a person in treating wounds. Turmeric heals wounds in a very less span of time.


Skin is one of the most prominent components of the body. Curcumin, the substance found in turmeric prevents the accumulation of age and cross-linking of collagen by reducing the oxidative stress, thus giving the skin a young and healthy texture naturally.


Pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, and prostate cancer, all these cancers with help of Curcumin, the compound found in turmeric can help you to fight with the menace of cancer.


The function of the liver can be improved with turmeric, having antioxidant properties turmeric helps you to combat toxins which can damage the liver.

Itchy skin:

Itchiness in the skin can also be reduced by adding some turmeric powder with coconut oil and olive. Apply the paste on the affected area.

Helpful in Cholesterol:

Turmeric, when taken in the form of powder, helps to stop making bad cholesterol.

Serum cholesterol levels can be handled and be in control with the use of turmeric as a food condiment.


Culinary benefits of turmeric are tremendous as it is used in almost all dishes made in Indian households. Turmeric is considered as a herb as well as a spice in India and as it has the flavor of food, which is used like powder added to a curry. It also plays an important role in digesting that food.


Gut Inflammation and Gut Permeability are the 2 digestive problems, turmeric can help to cope up with these 2 problems. Bowels, when get irritated can be healed with turmeric, as it is consumed as the treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.


Lipopolysaccharide, which possesses in the turmeric stimulates the body`s immune system. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties help to strengthen the immune system. Pus-producing infections like Staphylococcus aureus can be eliminated with the Curcumin substance.

Alzheimer`s Disease

Alzheimer`s disease, which is one of the dangerous diseases of the brain , the major cause of this disease is inflammation in the brain. Turmeric helps in supporting the health of the brain by helping in eliminating plaques that buildup in the brain and helps in improving the flow of oxygen which help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Other Benefits

Gallbladder, which helps in the production of bile gets stimulated by turmeric, which in turn improves the digestion process of body.

In Asian countries turmeric water is applied on face to impart golden glow to the complexion and in Malaysia turmeric is used as an antiseptic in the ointment to heal the wounds and cuts on the skin.


It stimulates insulin levels. Therefore, turmeric can also be used as the treatment of diabetes.


It is a mineral that has tremendous benefits. Manganese, which contributes to many functions in the body including metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugar (glucose).


Reduction in inflammation, the formation of bone, clotting of blood and reducing the inflammation are done by Manganese. The strong antioxidant property in Manganese helps to protect you against free radicals, which are molecules that can cause damage to cells in your body. Free radicals can cause aging, heart disease, and some cancers.


Turmeric is a wonderful herb as well as spice, which can treat many conditions, used in culinary in the Indian continent as a Spice and treated with respect as a holy herb. Used on many occasions and rituals in India, one of the rituals is of marriage, where it is applied on the skin and for other purposes in the whole Indian subcontinent.

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