Health Issues of Growing Children

Health Issues of Growing Children and Elderly – Prevention and Treatment


Nature can help us to maintain healthy living in childhood as well as in the younger age too and also help to cure the several diseases including those which other systems of medicine cannot. In this world of sedentary lifestyle of work, home, nuclear families there are so many complications that occur to many people. Then some started trying to return to nature in effort to regain the lost balance they have lost in their physical living. Naturopathy, the right diet, healthy living are some factors which can lead to healthy living without any disease or disorder or if there is any disease to any person these will help to cure those diseases too.


Health is known as the harmonious and natural vibration of the forces and elements comprising physical, mental, social or moral being well of the human beings.

  1. Physical health- Physical health is said to be maintained if there is proper joint movements, proper skin texture, normal bladder and bowel, firm flesh, coordination of brain with other parts in proper way, proportionate weight and height etc.
  2. Mental health- Mental health is a state of balance between yourself with the external environment and response to different requirements of life etc.
  3. Social health- Good relationship between individual and society.
  4. Spiritual health- Unknown or unread laws.
  5. Emotional health- The person who can stay healthy even after extremes tortures.


Disease is known as any type of defect in the structures or functions in humans, animals, plants especially those who show signs and symptoms which can affect a specific part or organ resulting in physical health issues

Disease are of two types

1. Acute disease

Nature eliminates poison, waste material, foreign matters from the body in order to repair the various injured tissues or you can say that each and every acute type disease is the result of cleansing and healing effect of nature.

2. Chronic disease

In various chronic diseases, vital power becomes decreased due to excessive accumulation of the waste materials which leads to serious destruction of vital parts and organs. In chronic disease constructive process and nature’s healing are no longer able to fight with the disease

Causes of Various Diseases

Factors which are responsible for healthcare are environment, lifestyle, and genetic makeup and so on but nowadays cause of health issues are increasing due to sedentary lifestyle, nuclear families like excessive use of new technology like laptops, smart phones, tablets etc. Children are using smartphones in excess nowadays and this is the main cause of health issues in children.

Causes of cancer

According to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the cause of physical illness is Sharirik doshas and the cause of mental illness is Mansik doshas.

1. Sharir Doshas- There are three sharirik doshas which when are not managed can cause various physical illness like

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

2. Mansik Doshas– There are two mansik doshas responsible for mental illness are

  1. Raja
  2. Tamah

Basic for Good Health

1. For Physical Health

  1. Adequate sleep and shelter
  2. Exercise
  3. Healthy environment for living
  4. Immunization
  5. Nutritious food

2. For Mental Health

  1. High self-esteem
  2. Unconditional love from family and friends
  3. Give opportunity to play your child with other children
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Supportive caretakers for the child
  6. Encouraging teachers of the child
  7. Secure and safe surroundings
  8. Encourage children to play
  9. Criticize the behavior but not the children
  10. Playmates to play
  11. Avoid the sarcastic remarks
  12. Use of TV should be monitored
  13. Appropriate guidance and discipline
  14. Avoid threats, bribery, nagging etc.
  15. Praise the children for small things

Natural Ways

1. Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system which uses natural methods helpful in healing our body by itself. It includes herbs, various therapies, massage, exercise, acupuncture and counseling. Nature cure is used to cure a person from various diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle too.  The nature cure works on the basis of newly discovered or rediscovered natural principles and laws with the phenomenon of disease, health, cure, life and death. Various natural concepts are useful in treating as well as preventing us from diseases by maintaining a healthy way of living.

Five therapies done in naturopathy are as follows

  1. Fasting therapy ( Upvas Chikitsa)
  2. Air bath (Pranayam)
  3. Helio/Sun therapy (Surya Chikitsa)
  4. Hydrotherapy (Jal Chikitsa)
  5. Mud Therapy (Mritika Chikitsa)

2. Vital force

As we all know that prevention is always better than cure, when vital force of a person gets lowered a person may get ill. It means vital force is helpful in keeping us healthy as they fight against the diseases. Vital force is the storehouse of physical strength, ebullience, vigour and verve. Symptoms of low vital force are like sickly pale face, malfunctioning bowels, persistent headache etc. are the signs which show that there is low vital force. To increase the vital force a person has to follow simple rules of sleep, air, sunlight etc.

a) Sleep – One of the best sources of vital force is our good sleep. It gives us ease and also provides the energy sources because the loss of the energy during the sleep is very less and a person can regain their energy while sleeping which was lost in doing walking hour works. Sleep is also a medicine. For a healthy adult the sleep should be for about 8 hours. When a person goes to sleep early and gets up early in the morning, man becomes wealthy, healthy and wise.

b) Sunlight – Sunlight is helpful in restoring our vitality. In plants, sunlight gives a green color to them and adds color to our blood which is red. Vegetables and fruits if eaten without cooking or raw they will provide an element of sunlight to the body. We should never be overdressed in order to ensure that sunlight can increase our vital force. In cold climates 3 one should take a sunbath it is useful for the human body for revitalization.

c) Air – Human beings can live without food for some weeks, and also without intake of water for some days but unable to live without air for a few seconds. We must keep our bed room or living room ventilated for fresh air to come in contact with our body as pores of the skin need it as much as the lungs.

d) Water- The best and cheapest cleansing agent is water but water should be free from any type of contamination and should be clean. Water baths give us freshness, activating as it does our blood circulation.

e) Food – The food which is taken in the form which nature provides us is best. Diet should consist of vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet is very effective in maintaining health as well as curing us from several diseases.

f) Mental makeup- Mental makeup and our health are connected to each other. Frustration, anger, jealousy, envy, violence etc. Are very harmful. For e.g. in angry people adrenaline is released in very much quantity into their blood which increases the blood pressure, it means it just only harms us. Always stay smiling and happy, self-hypnosis. Many people who are suffering from the diseases die when they stop fighting against the disease or start losing hope. A strong will power can pull a seriously ill person from the grave

According to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, there are thirteen adarniya vegas (urges not to hold) and three Dharnia vegas (urges to hold on)-

1. Mansik vega (Mental urges) – The urges of greed, grief, fear, anger,shamelessness, vanity, envy,  excessive attachment, desire to take property of others are held up by a wise person. (Charak Sutra- 7/27)

2. Vachika vega (Speech urges)- We should control the speech urges such as betraying, harsh, untimely use, lie.(Charak Sutra- 7/28)

3. Sharirik vega (Body urges)- Bodily urges like causing pain to others such as adultery, theft, violence etc. must be controlled.(Charak Sutra- 7/29)

Way of life- Way of living leaves its imprint on our healthy life. A clean life, free from addiction of any kind, exercise, fresh air, and placid temperature will help us to stay healthy. Stress and tension should be avoided because it can reduce vital force. We should not follow the race for success and money in disregarding the rules of healthy living. One should do regular exercise, occasional fasting will help us to live longer and free from ailments which can cause diseases.

3. Panchsutra

There are five important things for the maintenance of the health, they are as follows

  1. 8-12 glasses of water for drinking daily
  2. 2 meals daily
  3. Exercise daily for an hour
  4. Pray two times a day morning and evening
  5. Fasting once in a week for one day


All diseases occur due to accumulation of the toxins and morbid matter in the body and lower our vital force. As all humans have a vital force which prevents them from disease and keeps them healthy? Acute diseases of the body as well as mind are self-limiting attempts of our body and the chronic diseases occur because of continuous ignorance and suppression of the acute diseases by use of allopathic medications. On the other hand, the persons which are free from any disease have a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits which can lead to several diseases. Nature is the science of rejuvenation in which vital power is very important. Mind and body should be treated as whole and cure can be obtained by cleansing. Nature increases our vital capacity cleans the mind and body which can cure a disease helpful in staying healthy from childhood to elderly adults.

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