Doctors around the Globe Now Able to Seamlessly Attract Patients from Nigeria

Doctors around the Globe Now Able to Seamlessly Attract Patients from Nigeria via’s Doctor’s Health Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is helping connect various businesses around the world and it’s no different in the healthcare and medical industry. In Nigeria, there are many people seeking medical treatment abroad in countries like India, UAE, UK, USA, European and other nations. On the same note, there are many medical doctors and medical directors from any country who are looking for Nigerian patients. Adhang has recently launched Doctor’s Health, a digital marketing mechanism designed to assist the doctors who are of the intent to treat Nigerian patients find them and form medical health relationships.

Doctor’s Health digital marketing by Adhang works by getting qualified medical doctors from any part of the world advertise their medical expertise and medical practice in Nigeria. This service was launched in recent times by Adhang and it welcomes doctors from around the world get Nigerian patients in need of pertinent medical treatment and attention.

For the doctors looking for Nigerian patients, Doctor’s marketing agency AdHang provides a platform to create an awareness of the medical services they offer and help meet the former’s objectives within the healthcare industry. There exist millions of Nigerians afflicted by many kinds of illnesses looking to travel to other countries to get the best treatment and get back to their feet. Hence, this is a good opportunity for both doctors and patients to strike up a deal that would benefit both sides.

Adhang’s Doctor’s marketing also operates on a domestic scale – doctors who are based anywhere in Nigeria are welcome to use this service. The marketing works to popularize a particular medical institution and it can be from anywhere, within the African continent and outside. Adhang gives the promise to drive revenue and advance the medical career of those medical personnel seeking their digital marketing services.

Adhang employs different online marketing strategies to spread the word about a particular medical expert and attract not only potential Nigerian clients but also the most suited ones. The tagline of Doctor’s Health’s online marketing is “Make you popular, fill your waiting rooms with patients and boost your revenue and medical career.” It is simple yet powerful and most importantly, it works.

The marketing tactics are thoroughly professional, on point and accurate – talented writers write facts packed promotional content and post it on social media and blogs. It’s all about making a strong and vibrant online presence that will last for years. SEO is also done for top ranking in search engines. The content is not only awareness creating but also educative of the particular medical services. The information regarding the medical services will be splashed across the internet, over 340 platforms, targeting Nigerian clients. It’s a long term presence.

All these will be done at a very reasonable price – there are no additional charges.


Those interested to use Adhang Doctor’s Health digital marketing to further their medical profession and treat Nigerian patients may sign up here:




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