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Uses of Curd to keep Skin Care Woes at Bay

Curd is used as a food item in almost every household in India, but no one knows about its other  benefits. Inside yogurt  Many nutrients like  Important mineral substances such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamins and protein are found which are helpful in giving you natural beauty. According to Ayurveda regular intake of curd is more than milk to keep your body healthy  Proves beneficial. More than calcium is found in milk inside yogurt, which is beneficial in protecting your body from diseases as well as enhancing your beauty. In this article we will discuss the Ayurvedic benefits of yogurt that enhance your beauty. Learn about

Beauty-friendly yogurt

Let’s know about the Ayurvedic benefits of yogurt

1. Helps in removing dendruff

Yogurt contains plenty of nutrients which are beneficial for clearing dandruff. It has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. You can apply curd on the roots of hair to remove hair dendruff. Daily use of this proves to keep your hair strong and dendruff free.

Apart from this, we will tell you about some of the beneficial mixes of yogurt which, if you prepare at home and use on your hair, it can prove beneficial for your hair.

Curd and Pepper Mixture

        • : – If you want to make your hair healthy and strong, then grind 5 to 6 black peppers properly and mix them in a cup of curd. , Mix well. Now apply this mixture to the hair roots and leave it on for half an hour, then wash the hair thoroughly with clean water and shampoo. Regular use of this experiment along with keeping your hair strong, Proves beneficial for clearing dandruff.
      • With yogurt Lemon Mixture : To protect the hair from dendruff and premature loss, mix 4 to 5 teaspoons of yogurt in 2 teaspoons lemon juice and apply it to the hair roots for half an hour. Go and then wash the hair thoroughly with clean water and shampoo. Use this If used daily, your hair remains thick and soft along with avoiding problems like dendruff.

2. Curd useful to prevent hair fall and fall

What a young age.  Are you struggling with hair loss problem? Postpartum hair fall due to hormonal changes is very common, the problem has occurred. But to get rid of it, you can use some mixture of fenugreek seeds and curd on your hair.

Yogurt and fenugreek seeds

        • : – If you want your hair to be healthy and thick for a long time, then for this you need 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds inside a cup of yogurt After mixing it with the hair roots, apply this mixture well. And leave it on for an hour, then wash it with clean hands with mild water and shampoo. This experiment helps in making your hair thick and strong as well as prevents premature loss.

According to Ayurveda Fenugreek seeds are called to overcome hair loss problem  and is known to prevent infection in the roots. So by adding fenugreek seeds to the curd and applying it on the hair, your both problems can be easily overcome.

3. Deep Yogurt for Conditioning

Moisturizing and deep conditioning hair in yogurt properties are found. So deep conditioning your hair once or twice a week can prove very beneficial.

Yogurt, Egg and Olive Oil

          • : – For deep conditioning pour an egg inside a cup of yogurt and mix the two well. Now 2 tablespoons inside it  Mix olive oil and  Apply this mixture well to the roots above the hair. This experiment proves to be helpful in strengthening the hair.

Eggs are rich in protein and prove beneficial in strengthening hair. Olive oil is beneficial for hair and it makes your hair shiny and diseases proves beneficial in maintaining free from disease.

4. Yogurt to remove skin tanning

Note to note : Do not apply this application on burned skin due to strong sunlight and give your skin enough time to heal. Aloe vera is most beneficial for burns due to strong sunlight.

Yogurt and Lemon Juice for Skin

              • : – To keep your skin clean and free from diseases, you need to mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice inside a cup of yogurt and some orange The layer of peels should be mixed well in it. Now apply this mixture on the face of your face and leave it for half an hour, then clean it with clean water.
            • Curd and Turmeric Powder for Skin : – To maintain the natural beauty of the skin, mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder inside a cup of yogurt and put it on your skin Apply and leave it on for half an hour, then wash it with clean water. If used regularly, it proves beneficial in providing you natural beauty as well as protecting from skin diseases.  Boo has botanically bleaching properties. Turmeric in Ayurveda is known to enhance skin tone. Therefore, turmeric is  applying it on the skin after mixing in curd is beneficial.

5. Yogurt to remove dark circles under eyes

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate and therefore it is considered right for you to work carefully before trying any creams, blends or remedies around the eyes. Too much stress or too much stretch on the skin around the eyes can add wrinkles to your skin and loosen it.

            • Dip 1 cotton in yogurt and apply it on the skin of the eyes very comfortably. You can apply this experiment under the eyes and on the eyelids, and then wash it after 20 minutes. Use this on your skin Proves effective in removing black circles quickly.

6. Yogurt to remove oily skin

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Face Mask of Yogurt:

              • – If you want your face to look beautiful then for this you need to mix 2 teaspoons of multani mitti in 1 cup of yogurt and face it well. Apply on the neck and leave it for half an hour, then wash the face with lukewarm water. Daily use of this experiment proves beneficial in removing oily skin.

7. Use of curd as a cleanser

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Yogurt and Oats

                • : – Take equal amount of both yogurt and oats and mix it well. If your skin is dry and nail pimples are very much, then use this Mix honey and apply this mixture on the face.  Then  Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then wash the face with mild hot water. This experiment keeps the face clean as well as protects from many diseases.

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