Kidney Failure

Ayurvedic Ways to Live Well After Kidney Transplant


In today’s era kidney disorders are very common due to very changed food habits of people. Kidneys are responsible for a healthy body and also filters the waste product and other impurities out of the blood. Kidney disorders affect more than 20 million people all over the world. This disease gets worse overtime. Kidney disorders are well treated in ayurveda; the ancient acharya gave proper treatment for kidney disorders. So in today’s article we are gonna discuss all kidney disorders and their malfunctioning and the ayurvedic remedies to live after kidney transplant.

Kidneys are the bean shaped organ and each of the kidneys is about the size of the patient’s fist. It helps to excrete the waste products from the body . It also helps to maintain the body concentration of water and salts and maintains the appropriate acid balance of plasma and serves to our endocrine organ very important hormones such  as renin, prostaglandins etc. the physiological mechanisms that the kidney have to evolve to carry out the high degree of structural complexity. Each human kidney weighs about 150 gm. So this is the normal functioning of the kidney now we can discuss why a patient reaches upto kidney transplant.

Due to chronic renal failure,congenital problems, shrunken kidney, polycystic kidney disease and many others. Although these diseases appear quite explicit and imply renal function that is inadequate to maintain volume and composition. About 10%  of the people are born with malformation of the kidney and 20% of chronic renal failure . Congenital renal disease is most often a result of a development defect that arises during gestation and does not have hereditary basis but some developmental defects, such as polycystic kidney disease and medullary cystic disease are clearly hereditary. Now let us discuss some ayurvedic aspect of this disease


Different disease groups, particularly the abdominal disease, arise from defects of agni. In the condition of poverty of agni if wholesome food is taken the same is not digested properly and leads to accumulation of doshas which affects prana,agni and apana and blocking upwards and downwards passages which reach the interspace between skin and muscle and blow up the abdomen. Thus kidney disease is produced. In the persons having too much accumulated doshas,indulgence in sinful activities particularly with poor state of digestion by excessive use of hot ,saline , alkaline,burning,sour and poisoned food, improper dietetic regimen after evacuative therapy, intake of rough, antagonistic and unclean food, emaciation due to splenomegaly, suppression of natural urges, morbidity in channels, ama dosha the abdominal diseases are caused


Before starting about the ayurvedic remedies let us discuss the kidney transplant.kidney transplant is the removal of  damaged  kidney and healthy kidney is placed in the body by surgical method. After removal there are many dietary restrictions such as what to eat ,what to drink and have to follow a heart healthy diet plan. By following this diet the immunity and energy improves. The successful kidney transplant allows healthy living to mankind by taking dietary restrictions. Many of the studies show that the healthy kidney transplant patients live longer than the dialysis kidney. On the other hand there are also very  risks of surgery by which the patients may suffer from infections and other side effects of medicines taken after surgery. Although most kidney transplants are very successful, it can vary person to person. Even many kidney transplant patients need further transplants too. Doctors may go through the physical and proper health check up of patients before going to surgery. In order a series of tests and x-rays are taken. Even how the patient handles the transplant is to be examined. If someone would like to donate a kidney, that person will also need to go through a screening test  to find out if he or she is a match with the  healthy enough to donate a kidney

Even one thing is that the doctors team will watch after surgery that the rejection which means the body is trying to reject the new kidney which is surgically placed. The rejection phase of the body does not involve clear signs and symptoms so that’s why it is very important to transplant patients for regular blood tests and other physical symptoms of the body like decreased urine, fever, swelling, etc. but rejection happens less nowadays .for most of the people rejection is stopped with anti rejection medicines and in ayurveda there are many ways or we can say many ayurvedic methods by which a patient can live a long and healthy life after surgery.


First of all, patients should try yoga practices like pranayam and vajrasana which helps the kidney to restore power and helps out for living after surgery. Meditate at least for 20 minutes which helps to prevent depression and anxiety.avoid spicy and fast food which causes indigestion. Punarnava is one of the effective herbs of ayurveda which helps to treat various kidney disorders and punarnava mandur is one the effective medicine for blood count also. It is a very amazing herb which enhances all kidney functions. It acts as a diuretic, detoxifier and prevents fluid retention. Gokshura has an anti lithiasis property which helps in promoting all kidney functions. Varuna also has diuretic  properties which helps in removing the toxins from the kidney and hence helps to maintain proper kidney functions. A patient after kidney transplant  should maintain weight which is very effective for the kidney to work properly. One should use the paste of chitrak and devadaru with water. One overcomes the enlarged abdomen by using chitrak and devadaru with water then using sunthi, vidang  and danti in the dose of 5gm. The decoction of triphala, danti and rohitaka is added with trikatu and yavakshara and after digestion should take food with meat soup of wild animals. The sudhaksira ghrita  can be added in patients food


So ayurveda is a pure soul of science which helps to fight against all diseases. Especially in chronic disease the methods and the treatment said by our acharyas are more powerful and effective. Even planet Ayurveda is providing pure herbal and safe treatment to their patients. The treatment given by planet Ayurveda is side-effect free and depends upon the total herbal formulations.The formulations are made under the supervision of experts and are 100% free.

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