AdHang Hospital Digital Marketing Agency

Adhang Hospital Digital Marketing Agency, providing Augmented Online Visibility for Hospitals using Efficient Medical Digital Marketing Strategy to reach millions of patients in Nigeria and around Africa.

Digital marketing is now a critical marketing strategy to improve online visibility for a whole host of bodies for a whole lot of purposes. AdHang is a hospital digital marketing agency based in Nigeria. It offers the most encompassing and cutting edge technology in digital marketing to make healthcare organizations and healthcare being at their best in online presence in Nigeria.

The highly experienced hospital digital marketing team that devised the award winning digital marketing strategies drives the intents of hospitals, medical officers and all medical professionals to identify patients – helping the medical experts help patients scattered throughout the width and breadth Nigeria. Hospitals based in Nigeria, Dubai, the US, UK, Canada, India, South Africa, France or anywhere for that matter, across the world, have a lot of opportunities to gain by using Adhang’s digital marketing service.

Adhang’s different digital marketing strategies that are designed exclusively for medical organizations will help create awareness among the general public about the exclusive and inclusive medical services offered. This will help patients get the desired information and choose the hospital marketed by Adhang rather than hospitals that don’t make use of the advantage provided by Adhang – this is specifically true in Nigeria’s medical care requiring microcosm. Adhang uses strategic content that resonates with the pulse of Nigerians.

By publishing hospitals’ information on the numerous Nigerian sites, particularly social media, news portals, blogs and classified websites, which are permanent, Adhang educates patients and urges them to seek treatment from the online strongly present hospitals. Hospitals and their healthcare services get promoted by Adhang’s Facebook groups with a stronghold combined number of 1 million members. The promotion in these Facebook groups makes very big difference in terms of online presence for these hospitals as does creating banners and headlines and displaying them for 90 days on 3 selected Nigerian websites to put the hospitals out there in a big way. Effective SEO also helps putting the hospitals that seek Adhang’s digital marketing services be ranked tops in search engines, improving visibility and subsequently accelerate the medical organizations’ growth.

In succinct, visibility on a client’s hospital and awareness creation, not only in Nigeria but also in neighboring African countries serve as a popularity boost. The educating of Nigerian patients on what they are looking for in healthcare and the giving of permanent online presence on Nigeria helps getting patients over time.

Above all, the fact that Adhang is sentient about Nigeria’s culture as a people and the marketing strategies keeping it in account, makes for a high successful rate – trust Adhang to generate organic growth of every medical center that subscribe to their medical digital services.


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