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Top 7 Effective Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain


Mostly it is the age that is the reason for lower back pain, also known as lumbago. It can happen to anyone at anytime, but mostly it arrives when a person goes above 35. Many reasons are held responsible for acquiring the back pain. It might be your sitting job in front of your computer or a laptop. It is common that it is due to the shifting of ligaments or muscles of your lower back due to any physical injury inflicted during your younger days or some other medical misfortune that had taken place, ever. Not with standing a reason today we are going to discuss some easy home remedies, which, if you followed nicely can get rid of the lower back pain.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

1. Exercise Regularly

If one is suffering from the back pain, doing exercise is the last thing that comes to his/her mind, but it is exactly the opposite. Don’t sit idle as it will further make your muscles stiff, increasing the pain, just dive in and do some normal exercise and you will be ready to face a pleasant surprise that doing exercise reduces the pain by 10% to 50%. If you keep doing the exercise regularly, you will never have to face the music of pain in future.

Begin by choosing some simple exercise like jogging, swimming or do yoga. Don’t opt for an intense one.

2. Stretching Inconsistently

Lack of flexibility in the body is a major reason for the back pain to raise its ugly head. It is because of our jobs. Mostly we just sit behind a desk or a computer or a laptop and don’t indulge in any physical activity. Some offices do have some playing parlors for its employees, but mostly offices are lacking these things. Mostly all office goers land in a fatigued manner and retire to bed after having the dinner. This makes our life too lethargic and back pain has to arrive the moment, we cross the age 35. You do not stretch your muscles leading to imbalance and pain.

A minimum 5 minutes stretching is required daily to get rid of the pain. Or better visit your physiotherapist or doctor and ask him the most suitable stretching. Follow his/her instructions clearly as he/she will never misguide you. He/she can help you get back to normal and have fun.

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine

If a person laughs out loud, he/she breaths oxygen in excess, minimizes anxiety and boosts endorphins, all these help in eradicating the pain naturally. Laughter clubs are always encouraging people to come and join them for laughing out loudly. It is done to heal physical pains that many suffer. If you find indulging in some physical exercise a little painful, then laughter clubs are the best options for you. This laughing process combined with a little yoga can do physical wonders for you.

4. A Long and Hot Bath

Never underestimate the calmative effects of a hot bath as it eases the pains and aches from your body. You just slip in the hot water tub after your hectic schedule and let the muscles stretch a bit. A few people go to bed immediately after having a bath. It is better to have a bath 2 to 3 hours before you retire to the bed. If your back aches, better to use a water cushion when you are in the tub.

5. Foam Rolling

It is an amazing form of exercise, which loosens up the rigid and stiff muscles and relieves you from the pain that you are feeling. It eradicates the clump of tissues and the muscles that stick together and cause pain. When these clots appear, the flow of blood and nutrients lessens, further causing the pain and possible injury. It separates them and brings them to their original position, thus getting rid of the pain.

Foam rolling helps you focus on your existing pains, working on the tight spots and easing their flow of blood and avoid further damage. Choose a roller that adheres to its shape, like a high density foam roller. Now just maintain a balance so that your paining area rests on top of the roller and keep still for some time. Gradually, add some rolling movements to ease the pain slow and steadily.

6. Acupressure Mats

These mats have sharp points, not as sharp that can pierce through your skin, but these put pressure on certain points that increases the flow of blood in that area easing pain. Initially it might feel a little odd the moment you lie on the pad, but once you get accustomed to it, you will just enjoy its benefits.

These points release blood along with nutrients and oxygen, enhancing cellular functions that speed up healing. In addition, this pressure releases endorphins, which reduce pain and increase relaxation. Since back pain is due to the stiffness of muscles, the mats pin form a pressure that eases pain and one can even fall asleep during the exercise. It is so relaxing. If you hate taking medicines and want an instant relief, this acupressure mat is the best option for you. You can keep increasing the time spent on the mat. It will make you feel more relaxed.

7. Get a Regular Massage

If you hate eating medicines, a massage can help you relax, ease the muscle rigidness and give a boost to endorphins- the pain relievers that the body produces itself. You can have the plain massage or with a table spoon of Castor oil. Warm it and then massage this oil on the affected area, slowly. Leave it for overnight and have a bath in the morning. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic features. It not only heals the burning sensation that comes along the back pain, but also speeds up recovery.

Before using or trying these methods, it is a humble request that please visit a doctor or a body -therapist to avoid any mishappening.

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