Tattoos Tell Tales of Life and Death

Tattoos bear meanings and each tattoo depicts its own story or occurrence of events in the life of a person. There are countless ways in which a person can get a tattoo. Tattoos represent a person’s personality and tell much about them. Some of the types/examples of such meaningful tattoos are explained below.

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Teardrop tattoos are connected with revenge, prison, sorrow, mourning, death and killing. Getting an teardrop below your eyes could mean that you have committed a murder and a hollow teardrop tattoo means that you are looking to get revenge for the killing of any of your loved one and will fill it after you have taken the revenge.


Tattoos throughout the course of history have depicted the membership of individuals in certain group or gangs. An anchor tattoo was also used to recognize the body of sailors who were drowned at sea. Most of the anchor tattoos were also worn by navy soldiers as well.

However an anchor tattoo means many different things like remembering the death of a sailor lost at sea, symbol for hope, anchoring to stabilize our worried self and to represent heartache.


Back in the days before 21st century tattoos were considered a thing of low class people. The dolphin tattoo refers to bringing prosperity or happiness and the existence of a person simultaneously in two different worlds like the dual nature of the dolphin which lives in water and breathes air by coming to the surface.


Cats are sneaky swift animals who work very silently. A cat tattoo symbolizes thievery. A tattoo with a single cat in it represents that the thief works alone on his/her own and more than one cat in tattoo represents working in a group or gang manner to steal or plan and execute their thievery.

Clown face

A clown face tattoo symbolizes the fact that if you do something illegal or wrong for now you will get money and ease but you will be held responsible or payback for it later in life. Just like when a person is get caught by police after many successful crimes. All the time the culprit was on the loose and having fun but now he/she is behind the bars. Which can be summarized by the quote, “ Play Now, Pay Later ”.

Spider’s web

A spider web tattoos indicates that a person has been to prison at least once in their lifetime. The favorite place for such prisoners or freed prisoners is to get a spider web tattoo on their shoulders and elbows. They want to document their prison experience on their body so that it will make them remember it for the rest of their lives that they have been to prison.

Still, however the meaning of a tattoo could be different than all of those above for a bearer. It’s the bearer who gives and defines the true meaning of his/her tattoo depending upon his/her thought behind getting that particular tattoo in the first place.

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