Best Hygiene Tips for Men

Personal hygiene is a very important part of a person’s grooming. It is something that we don’t talk about openly in our everyday lives. However that does not mean that it isn’t given the kind of attention it requires. You could be a graduate from an Ivey League university or working with the biggest multinational companies, if you don’t groom yourself properly all of your accomplishments will be left futile. Hygiene is more than how you dress up or the kind of clothes collection you have. We don’t discourage you from spending money on high-quality clothing but all of that is secondary to your own personal hygiene.

Let’s begin by understanding what exactly is included in a man’s hygiene. Everything that is part of your physical from your hair to your toe nails is concerned with your personal hygiene. It then becomes your responsibility to make sure you keep your entire body clean and fresh. This is not just for the purpose of how you will come across to other people, but also for your own health. We are here to help all the men and tell them exactly how you can work on making yourself more sanitary. If you didn’t get a talk from your parents, well don’t worry we are here to help you.

1. Hair


Let’s begin with your hair. Now we know that just like women, men also pride in having a full head of luscious hair. The current media might seem to be all about women and the various products they can use to keep their hair long, strong and thick. But that does not mean you are excused of paying attention to your hair too.

It goes without saying that you should try and wash your hair every day. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to use chemicals on your body and would rather stay away from products but well… hear us out! It’s true that you should not shampoo your hair more than three times a week. But that does not mean that you can’t run your head under water when you clean your body every day. That is assuming you take showers every day… you do don’t you?

Your hair requires nourishments just like any other girls! So if you see your wife putting on homemade organic hair masks, well don’t be shy at try them out too. You don’t always have to use copious amount of hair product like gels and mouse to style them or tame that frizz. A homemade mayonnaise mask will do the trick too!

2. Face


Now we know you watch all the YouTube videos your sister is watching of how to recognize your skin type and the kinds of products she should use. Well the same also applies to you. Men have different skin types just like women and different skin types demand different treatments. Study your face and visit a dermatologist if you need to, but take interest. There are ways you can avoid unnecessary acne and reduce oil production on your face.

3. Teeth


Your mouth is a gateway into your inner most self. Your teeth and your breath can give away more about your personality than you can even imagine. You might be invested in a seriously intellectual conversation, but none of it will matter if the other person can smell your bad breath! Invest in a good toothbrush, visit the dentist timely and clean your teeth at least twice a day. And if you do suffer from bad breath, keep mints in your pocket for on the go. And drink lots of water. Water helps wash away toxins in your body that can be the cause of mouth and body odor.

4. Body


Well believe it or not but you should take a body bath every day. Regardless of whether you want to wash your hair or not, body baths should be an essential part of your hygiene. Make sure to properly wash and clean your underarms, belly button and of course your private parts. These can be areas that can produce most sweat and attract bacteria that are not only harmful and toxic but also the source of the most unpleasant odor.

Invest in good hygienic products such as deodorants, body shower gels and lotions. All these products can be found made with organic material if you don’t want to invest in harmful chemicals. All you need to do is research and show interest!

5. Hands and Feet


If anything the pandemic has taught it is that hands can be a major source of spreading viruses and bacteria. The 20 seconds that you should spend washing your hands should not just be for during the pandemic. You should make that a part of your every day routine. Same goes for your feet, you might not realize it but wearing socks and shoes all day long can make them a hub of bacteria. Furthermore always make sure that your nails are properly cut and are always clean.

So don’t shy away from accompanying your wife at her next manicure and pedicure session!

Understand that personal hygiene and grooming is not just limited to women, it is also an important thing for a man!

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