7 Early Signs of Liver Damage & How to Strengthen Your Liver


The Liver can get damaged by a number of reasons, the primary being drinking alcoholic contents, eating animal fats and having drugs, as all these raise the level of cholesterol. Today we are going to discuss the symptoms, which occur initially when the liver feels the pinch. Small capillaries that are hidden under the skin, begin appearing due to a higher level of estrogen. That means your metabolizing is not producing the right hormones, a clear indication that your liver is not working accurately. Mostly these capillaries appear on the legs or face.

Initially, the damage is not much and it can be reinstated by taking certain herbal medicines. All these medicines are prescribed by the experts and should be taken the way they prescribe. You also have to make certain dietary changes, only then these medicines made of herbs will be more effective. Let’s see the initial symptoms that make us realize that something bad has happened to the liver before you run out of time and start running to and fro from one doctor to another. Today we are just going to discuss the early signs of liver damage and how to rejuvenate it,

Signs of Liver Damage

  1. The diet that you eat is the primary reason for liver damage. As each cell in our body can metabolize glucose, only liver cells are able to handle sugar cells. All soft drinks, beverages, baked goods and, sweets have a high level of sugar in them. It’s better to eat sweet and ripen fruits instead of these items, especially if they come from organic farming. Make it a habit of getting stuck to the natural foods. The man- made foods make you obese and the fatter you are, the risk to your liver increases.
  2. A healthy weight has to be maintained in order to have a healthy liver. Only the alcoholic drinks don’t make a fatty liver, it’s the obesity too that can fatten your liver. The people are always putting on weight and appear in chubby bodies, making the liver work harder and getting prone to cardiovascular difficulties. You need to loosen your weight in the best possible way, stop consuming the fat products and begin exercising regularly if you want your liver to stay healthy for long.
  3. Mostly it is the fruits like papaya and watermelon that should be eaten when you feel something is wrong with the liver. Better eat vegetables like onions, fennel, ginger, ginseng, mushroom, seaweed and, grape seed extracts, which are very beneficial to a damaged liver. Some experts also recommend drinking lots and lots of water, more than required mixed with fig leaves soaked in it. Herbal teas or green teas are also beneficial if you have at least 4 cups a day. Tomatoes if cooked lightly and consumed with a bit of chilled pressed oil or fish are also great.
  4. Mostly people who have beverages in excess have their livers damaged. "Excess of everything is bad", it’s just a saying, but people who keep taking drinks unnecessarily are more prone to liver damage. There are several stages of severe liver damage. You don’t realize anything wrong until it gets severely damaged. There are certain symptoms like fever, weight loss, swelling in ankles and belly, both your skin and eyes get a yellowish tinge and vomiting blood begins. People just take these things as a general disease and don’t pay much attention to it. You have to lower down your cholesterol and potassium level, which cleans your liver. You have to have a balanced diet and say no to alcoholic products if you wish to live long in a healthy manner.
  5. Once the problem surfaces in the liver you have to put a check on your diet intake. You will require a certain kind of diet that helps in reducing the cholesterol, your fatty shape and an increase in minerals and protein. It can be found in various food items like 3 ounces of meat, pork, fish, chicken or turkey, an egg, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 1’2 a cup of pinto, navy or kidney beans, 1/2 a cup of tofu and an ounce of cheese. All these food items have lots of protein to rejuvenate your liver.
  6. Certain food items have to be prevented in order to avoid liver damage. It is said that "prevention is always better than cure". You have to reduce the intake of food that has an excessive amount of sodium in them, like packed food, frozen food, bacon, deli meat, sausages, canned vegetables and juices, table salt, barbecue, teriyaki sauces and, soups. If your liver gets swelling, you have to cut down on your liquids too like milk, soda, juice and soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks have to be totally banned otherwise they will deteriorate the condition of your liver if taken at any time.
  7. When the liver does not function properly it attracts many other diseases and the person gets confused as what to do, who to call and who to consult. He/she might experience pale stool, jaundice, he/she may become lethargic, the skin might get itchy, might feel the abdominal pains, weakness and swelling in your abdomen and lower parts of your body. If a person is suffering the liver damage with Hepatitis C, then there is no cure for it, but if it is Hepatitis A and B, these can be rejuvenated by certain healthy dietary conditions, which can make it recover. And remember one more thing, better do the exercise in a normal way, not in excess.

So liver being the most vital organ of the human body, if it functions normally, it keeps lots of diseases at bay. So it becomes a duty for us humans to take care of your liver in an authentic manner. Never ignore if you feel any symptoms appearing, better get it checked from your doctor before time runs out. It can be repaired if detected in the initial stages after a certain time liver damage can go beyond the bounds.

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