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Top 10 Beauty Tips for Face

Everybody dreams of a beautiful and clear face – whether you’re a male or female.This is no surprising, as it is usually the most exposed and the part of the body which people first come in contact with. This of course makes it one of the most important part of the body too. Plus a glowing skin is a great way to enhance our self-esteem and confidence. Much more than that is it’s an indicator of sound health.However, like having a great-looking body, having a beautiful and vibrant looking face requires following certain healthy lifestyle and regimen. Contained in this article are few tips you should take seriously if you want to keep a glowing and vibrant face.


#1.   Eat healthy

Ever heard of the statement that you are what you eat? This saying also applies to having a beautiful skin. There are foods that are considered good for your skin and there are those to be avoided. As much as a healthy food is good for your general health, it is particularly important for the skin. It is critical that you avoid consuming too much of cooked food. Even if you must cook, ensure that it is done moderately. When a food is overcooked, the vital nutrients, mineral and vitamins are destroyed. Only when it is necessary, should you cook your food. For instance, your meat can either be grilled or steamed.


#2.   Always stay hydrated

It is important that water be consumed in adequate amounts. According to scientists, taking in lots of water helps to keep the skin looking radiant and healthy. The skin like we know it is an organ and as such comprises of cells. Like any other cell in the body, these cells require water in order to function optimally. Any form of dehydration in the body is usually manifested as dry, flaky or tight skin. You definitely don’t want this for your face. This also means that they can be easily wrinkled and injured. As a rule of thumb, you can drink  7 glasses of water daily. This will also help rid your skin of toxins and keep it refreshed.


#3.   NO touching and PICKING of the face

You probably have heard about this before and nevertheless have been tempted to still do same. Well, here’s the thing: squeezing and scratching the face causes the delicate facial tissue to scar. Plus you stand a chance of infecting your skin with the bacteria containedon your hands and underneath your nails as you scratch. So you see, it is just best you keep hands entirely away from your face. If you must, then make sure it is sanitized properly.


#4.   Take Exercise seriously

There is more to the skin than just what happens on the outside. A healthy blood flow plays an important role in having a glowing skin. One of the ways to influence a healthy blood flow is through exercises. Regardless of the type of exercise, be it running, jogging, yoga, and so on, ensure that you consistently engage your body in some form of activity. A period of 30 minutes every day is a good place to start. This way your system is oxygenated and a sense of vitality generated.


#5.   Face Mask

One of the easiest ways to achieve a supple and beautiful face is with face masks. It only takes a few minutes, but the benefits are so immense. Irrespective of  your type of skin, this is one regimen you can’t afford to dismiss.Literally, there are thousands of face masks you can apply on your skin, it is however advised to go natural. I would recommend the use of honey, aloe vera, and so on. These do an amazing job at cleaning and refreshing your face. Simply apply any of them in their raw form on your face and allow for about 10 minutes, and then rinse off. This is simply awesome.


#6.   Get Enough sleep

Sleep time is one time you don’t want to joke with if you desire to lead a healthy life; particularly, and for the sake of the subject matter of the skin. According to scientists, sleep is a time our bodies take to detoxify and repair cellularly. With all the benefits attached to sleep, if we don’t get enough of it, the skin is likely to start sagging and losing its elasticity.A lack of sleep is partly responsible for  the dark circles that usually show upunder your eyes and gradually your complexion begins to lose its colour. A recommended time length for sleep is eight hours. This time is what your body uses to eliminate every chemicals and toxins, and unwanted hormones.


#7.   Sunscreen

It is without a doubt that one of the major causes of damage to the skin has to do with the sun. The skin is always exposed to UV ray when ever we step outside. This is so true whether sunny or cloudy. With this in mind, it is recommended that prior to exposure to the sun, one should apply sunscreen – and probably after as well. This is so that they can help in blocking any form of harmful rays that may want to penetrate your skin. There are numerous types of sunscreen; so you want to avoid those that contain harsh chemicals. Examples of sunscreen you should opt for are those that contain zince oxide or titanium dioxide.


#8.   Avoid stress

Stress has been known to be one of the major causes of a lot of health problems. This goes as far as obviously impacting on the state of the skin. According to scientists, our anxiety and stress level is all interconnected. That is, as much as anxiety impacts on the condition of the skin, so also does skin problems lead to anxiety and this all ends up in affectingyou negatively.So one of the ways to stay clear off skin issues is being able to manage stress effectively. For some people, you may need to consult a professional for proper guidance.


#9.   Choose skincare productswisely

All skin care products are not produced equal. There are different skin solutions for different types of skin. In this case, it is very important that you do your homework very well before subscribing to any product. If your skin is the oily kind, you want to avoid drying and harsh formulations. To help with your homework, you should carefully go through the label on the product and possibly have a background check done on the producing company. This is how serious you should get if want to achieve a vibrant and beautiful skin.


#10.  Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is very important for the skin to look bright and glowing. By exfoliating your face, you are removing the dead cells on your skin which do not do you any good, instead they do you harm in the long run. This should be done as regular as possible: as a rule of thumb once or two times a week is ideal. There are numerous products available in the market that can help with this activity. I will recommend going completely natural and using of walnut powder and plain yoghurt. The benefits to these are amazing. It doesn’t just exfolitae your skin, but nourishes it with the antioxidant properties of the walnut.

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