Reason Behind More Celebrities becoming Victim to Heart Diseases and Simple Prevention Tips


The modern lifestyle has morphed us into a luxury craving population. The constant need to want something might be aspirational to some but little do we know this aspiration catapults into an obsession in a nick of time. We have these unending quests registered in each of our minds to acquire success and the contentment it brings along. But subsequently, we become oblivious to the fact that our health is of primary importance. Our resilience towards success makes us get deeply involved in sometimes incessant need to be at the top.

Why is it only in the present time that there is a peak in the frequency of people getting diagnosed with various diseases?

That which was seldom seen in generations before us has now become so common that people have started taking it delicately. Our lifestyles,  the choices we make,  the routine we follow have drastically changed. Needless to say,  these factors predominantly decide one’s health. Some of the diseases that have become common in the present hour are diabetes,  cholesterol,  hypertension, cancer, and let’s not forget heart disease. How have heart diseases become so common that every other person in a population suffers from them? It has invariably become common to have acquaintances with heart patients. Celebrities have become more prone to heart diseases.  The clear cause being their lifestyle.

Their pattern of routine is vastly different from that of a common man. The food they eat,  the physical activities they perform,  the sleeping pattern they follow, and the mental stress they are subjected to. People look up to celebrities,  they try to emulate their pattern of lifestyle. Celebrities are under constant pressure to look their best.  Be it the way they dress up and the way they carry themselves. They are subjected to a strict diet to maintain their physique. Their relentless need to stay fit makes them gobble food considerably lower than a common man.

Their fitness regime comprises excessive and extravagant ways of exertion. Their sleeping patterns get frequently disturbed due to traveling and other engagements. The jet lag that once made them dizzy eventually maneuvers its way into their lives. Lastly,  but most essentially the judgments they face have an irrevocable impact on their lives. They are put through so much pressure that they morph themselves in that way.

Celebrities are often criticized either for their performances, their looks, their choices, or their failures. All these factors greatly impair their mental health. They become patients of hypertension at a very initial stage of their career. Their need to stay relevant in the industry results in the deterioration of their health. It might sound trivial to some, but mental stress is one of the most common factors leading to many chronic diseases, heart disease being one of them.

Heart Diseases in the Present Time

Heart disease acts as both a causative disease and a resultant disease. Heart diseases could be congenital,  due to aging and high blood pressure. Though it is not possible to prevent congenital heart disease,  diseases that occur due to our improper regimen leading to high blood pressure can be prevented to a certain level. Heart disease due to aging can be prevented if one nurtures their heart and health from a young age.

Ayurveda for Heart Diseases

Ayurveda has always given prime importance to the food we eat. Ayurveda considers the food we eat to be the primary medicine for any disease.Irrespective of the types and chronicity of the diseases, the right diet will either prevent the occurrence of the disease or help in the speedy revival of health once affected. The same goes for heart diseases. The food we eat will undoubtedly have an impact on our health.

Food to Eat and Avoid

  1. Leafy vegetables are of great emphasis in maintaining health. Other than maintaining the vitamin and mineral levels in the body,  it keeps us healthy.
  2. Pulses, egg, meat, rice, maize, etc should be included in our diet.
  3. High-density level oils must be used for cooking as it is considered to be good cholesterol. Whereas, low-density level oil is considered as the bad cholesterol as it paves way for atherosclerosis.  Therefore it is essential for us to make the right choice in choosing our cooking oil.
  4. Dairy products are also of immense importance in one’s diet.
  5. But anything in excess will also have its repercussions. Red meat, oily food,  caffeine,  alcohol consumption, etc affect our body.
  6. Packed food,  junk foods,  sugary delicacies, affect the blood cholesterol levels.

Treatment for Heart Failure


Arjuna ( Terminalia arjuna) of the Combretaceae family is considered as the agra oushadha ( best medicine) for heart disease. Patients with heart diseases are often prescribed medicines that comprise Arjuna as its ingredient. It is the bark of Arjuna that is used for the treatment of heart disease. It strengthens the heart muscles and also keeps them healthy. It maintains the cholesterol level in the body.

The bark can be made into any formulation with various other ingredients. It is prepared into a decoction and prescribed to heart patients. Combined with different ingredients,  it is formulated in various ways for different indications of the disease.


Ashwagandha ( Premna corymbosa) of the Lamiaceae family is also considered as the medicine for health issues. Other than the above forms of medicine,  various other drugs also aid in keeping our hearts healthy. Drugs like garlic ( Allium sativum), ginger( Zingiber officinale), Guggulu ( Commiphora mukul), and many more drugs maintain the health of our health when concocted into different formulations.

Yoga for Heart Disease

The peace that we experience while practicing yoga is unexplainable. Yoga boosts our body,  rejuvenates us at a level inexplicable.  Therefore it would not be surprising if yoga is considered for heart disease treatment. The different asanas of yoga stimulate healthy breathing,  lowers cholesterol and diabetes level, and triggers the circulation of blood to each part of the body.

Some of the asanas that can be practiced for a healthy heart are

  1. Vrikshasana
  2. Trikonasana
  3. Bhujangasana
  4. Dandasana
  5. Dhanurasana
  6. Setubadhasana

Apart from the above-mentioned, many other asanas can be practiced on a daily basis. Pranayama is considered one of the best practices of yoga, which is also worth mentioning here.

We live in a state of constant action.  If not physically,  then mentally we are unquestionably trying to be the best version of ourselves. So why not try to bring out the healthier version of us as well. At the end of the day,  irrespective of the successes we have relished and the contentment we bask in, true happiness is when one is healthy enough to experience these joys of life.

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