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Are Dental Implants Safe for Diabetics patients?

Dental implants are a great treatment option for anyone needing a permanent tooth replacement. The treatment is fairly safe if you’re in good overall health as there are certain risks involved with the procedure. And if you have diabetes, dental implants are surely not the best choice for replacing your missing or lost natural teeth. However, many diabetics are perfect candidate for implants but then it’s always better to consult the dentist and know the pros & cons of the procedure before taking up the call.

While dental implants are not completely barred for diabetics, but it’s always better to know a few things about the procedure if you suffer from diabetes:

  • Compared to others, diabetics are at a greater risk of implant failure
  • Those who have uncontrolled diabetes should avoid the procedure altogether
  • People who have controlled diabetes may do well with the procedure
  • Diabetics take long to heal the wound of the surgery and that’s why the rate of dental implant failure is extremely high in them
  • Diabetics (whether suffering from Type 1 or Type 2) are always at a greater risk of infection
  • Since diabetics are prone to infection in the gums, the failure rate of procedure is always higher in them with the risk of other complications as well

It’s quite clear dental implant surgeries are not for people with diabetes, and certainly not for those suffering from the uncontrolled type. However, all is not lost for diabetics as advancements (and some recent research as well) in the dental implant procedures now confirm that they too can expect a higher rate of success than ever before. The only rider for them is – diabetics will need more time for healing before the placements of dentures.

While many diabetics are a perfect candidate for dental implant procedure, it’s always better to consult the dentist and understand all the factors that can cause some risks, including

1. Gum disease is the main barrier between diabetics and dental implants

Yes, you read it right! More than anything else it’s gum disease which is the main barrier between diabetics and dental implants. Since diabetics are more prone to gum diseases, the procedure – implant – becomes riskier for them. What’s more, gum disease can advance and reach to a stage where the bone can weaken leading to tooth loss. With such shaky dental structure, would you expect diabetics to hold on the implant in their mouth for long?

Worse still, even if the dentist were to ignore the early symptoms of the disease, there is still a probability that the disease might strike after the surgery is done. This is why diabetics are always at a greater risk compared to other patients.

2. There are several factors diabetics should consider before benefitting from dental implants

It’s not uncommon to find diabetics pursuing dental implants without paying heed to all the risks the procedure may involve over time. You however should never hurry up with that and rather consult the dentist and discuss everything before taking the plunge.

Here are some of things you should know:

  • The dentist will look at your diabetic history including the diabetes type you have and the time since you’re suffering, before moving ahead with the next step
  • Dental implant treatment is less risky in Type 2 patients than Type 2
  • Those diagnose recently are better candidates compared to those having the disease for several years
  • Your overall health history will also be key in deciding whether you’re a good candidate for the implant procedure
  • The dentist will also look at your recovery time with previous surgical procedures to assess the chances of success with the implant procedure

3. Consulting the dentist is always the best course of action for diabetics seeking dental implant

Yes, talking to the dentist is the best advice when you’re a diabetic yet want dental implant procedure to replace the missing or lost tooth/teeth. The dentist is always in a position to tell you which implant procedure – whether All-on-four, mini implant or single tooth replacement or teeth in a day – is best suited after evaluating your diabetes risks. So, consult the best dental implant clinic in Chennai and keep all the risk of the procedure away forever.

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