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Microdermabrasion Can Reverse Sun Damage on Face

Sun-bathing gives you the best feeling in winters.

But, it comes free in life. Prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun can quicken aging of skin. These harmful rays damage it with burns, and pigmentation. Moreover, aging can cause flat tan, brown or black spots on your face due to excessive exposure to the sun.

In short, you get spots or scars that seem irritating to your beauty.

Over-the-counter creams and cosmetics take a long time to reverse it. Sometimes, the reversal does not happen.

With Microdermabrasion, it’s 100% possible. This is an extraordinary facial famous in Gold Coast and many more countries.

What does microdermabrasion do? 

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that renews overall skin tone and texture. This facial can repair sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.

This procedure involves a special applicator. Its end comes with an abrasive surface, which gently removes the thick outer layer of the skin. This is how it starts feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Right-fit candidates

It’s absolutely safe for most skin types and tones. People with these skin concerns can think about miracle to happen:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun damages
  • Stretch marks
  • Dull complexion
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone & texture
  • Enlarged pores and blackheads
  • Age spots and brown spots (hyperpigmentation)

How does microdermabrasion reverse sun damages?

At first, the place matters a lot. This is an in-office procedure.

The next thing is time. It hardly takes an hour.

Furthermore, only a licenced skin care doctor should be preferred for it. Or, there can be a skin care professional who is working under the supervision of the aesthetic doctor. The geography where you live in is also a thing to consider.  

After that, the exact procedure begins. Unlike other treatments, it does not require any numbing agent to be applied on your skin.  

A handheld device is used to gently spray on the particles. With these, your outer skin exfoliates. Finally, a moisturizer and a sunscreen are applied to your surface.

Devices Used for Microdermabrasion

Since 1996, there are a number of devices evolved. Here are a few different ways to do the procedure using a specific device:

  • Diamond-tip hand piece

This device ensures gently removing dead cells in your skin. The suctioning off of these cells goes on at the same.

The depth of the abrasion is adjustable. It requires more pressure to be applied on the hand piece. Also, the skin’s suction bearing capacity is taken into account.

This type of applicator is a blessing for more sensitive area around eyes where normal facial can harm.

  • Crystal microdermabrasion

This type of microdermabrasion removes scars-causing stubborn dead skin cells using a crystal-emitting hand piece. It is used to gently spray fine crystals, which peel off the outermost layers. It also suctions off the peeled cells right away.

The crystals used in it may be different, such as of aluminum oxide and sodium bicarbonate. The use and procedure would remain similar.

  • Hydradermabrasion

This facial method is relatively new in the market. It removes dead skin while simultaneously infusing products into the skin. This method triggers collagen production and maximizes blood flow to your skin.

Some Side Effects

It may cause some common side effects, which is not a matter of worries. This is simply because these effects last few hours only and can be administered easily. You may use a moisturizer to cure dry and flaky skin. These are any of the following:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Mild tenderness

Scars & pigmentation lighten up

There are certain expectations that attract you to go for this facial. Certainly, seeing a noticeable difference in your scars, sun burns and pigmentation is what most of the patients want. The results are sure. But, the severity of your skin concerns or sun damages can better tell how many sessions it would require.

However, some immediate effects are seen commonly. For long-lasting & better results, you have to consult with the skin specialist. He would design a plan for the number of sessions to administer your concerns completely.  

What about downtime

As aforesaid, it’s a blessing indeed. There is little to no downtime associated with it. You may straightaway get back to your daily activities.

After treatment skin care

  • Keep your skin lubricated
  • Use gentle skin care products
  • Use prescribed sunscreen to protect skin
  • Say no to topical acne medications for at least one day after treatment

While wrapping up, consider the fact that over-the-counter products can never show you immediate results that last longer. With microdermabrasion facial, it’s possible. It’s incredible when you need an immediate repair of your skin damages.


Sun damages can be revered or repaired with microdermabrasion facial. It’s an advanced level cosmetic treatment that is minimally invasive, safe and 100% result-oriented. Wrinkles, sun tan, burn marks, live spots and pigmentation fade away. It removes dead skin cells for letting it exfoliate.

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