Five Symptoms Children Show While Developing Respiratory Distresses

Children don’t have enough immunity to fight against every virus and bacteria that infect their respiratory system. As a parent, you should look for these five signs to ensure a potential lung disease, and consider visiting your private respiratory pediatrician for a solution.

Parenting is never an easy job. As kids are more susceptible to diseases, for me, it gets even harder than my office work sometimes. I feel children are never safe in their exposure to the most polluted environment ever. While we, the people over 30s, are struggling with respiratory disorders, those infants are more vulnerable for sure. Unfortunately, I observed some considerable irregularities in my son and asked a private respiratory pediatrician if that was a severe one for him.

Increased breathing

When I first called a cough specialist in Manchester, he asked me to count the number of inhalations in a minute. Usually, a kid aged between 3-5 years would count from 24-40 in a minute. But surprisingly, I found it more than 50 times a minute and immediately informed the best asthma specialist near me. 

Noisy breathing

I am one of such parents who stay tuned to any sound their children make and always notice if there is an issue. A pneumonia specialist near metold me whatever the tone be when your child is breathing; if that sounds a little louder, it may sense a potential blockage in their respiratory channels. At first, when I found my son breathing out with a high-pitched tone, I got afraid and rushed to a child specialist doctor. Later I got assured that he got an infection. Also, he told me if I ignored it at first take, he could develop severe respiratory distress.

Irregular body position

Sometimes low oxygen level in lungs requires a tilted body stature to breath in longer. If you are observing that your child prefers to lean forward while standing or sitting, you should visit the best asthma specialist near me and seek a solution. I learned that my son preferred to stay firm, keeping the nose up during sleep. And later, my private respiratory pediatrician told me that he was developing a respiratory blockage.


Headache happens in humans regardless of his/her age. While in most cases they are not that much pressing, asthma specialist doctors Manchestersuggest the parents to notice if there is any breathing issue along with it. Headaches are often symptoms for many underlying diseases, and respiratory infections are one of them.


Children are inclined to catch a cold and develop harsh coughing at times. While it helps the child clear out his/her respiratory mucous blockage and dust, in severe cases, it might cause damages also. I found that my son was vomiting while even coughing a bit, and the asthma specialist doctor Manchester told me he could develop the first stages of bronchitis. While it is recommended not to use self-medication in such conditions, you should ask your doctor to prescribe the appropriate medicine.

Finding a solution

Although children’s lung disorders alarm red, there are several home preventions and prescription medicines to deal with those issues.

Preventing dehydration

I visited a pneumonia specialist near me,and she told me only to provide my son with formulated food or breast milk. As my son was already suffering from respiratory distress, he couldn’t take significant amounts in one go. Instead, I offered him food in a small amount multiple times. Also, the doctor told me to stay calm as he couldn’t eat that fast. 

Proper sleep

Infants always need plenty of sleep to fight against diseases. The best asthma specialist near me also believes the same regarding respiratory distresses. A lack of sleep often extends the hunger for breathing, and the child gets weak physically. Typically a rest of 11-14 hours daily could be best to ensure the child remains calm during such irregularities.

Scheduled medical checkups

From bronchitis to asthma, you never know what the symptoms are coming from unless you yourself are a doctor. There are many respiratory conditions a child can develop, and only a professional inspection can help find the root of them. Do consider visiting a pneumonia specialist near me or calling your private respiratory pediatrician to ensure a regular treatment for your children.

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